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ACT – Back to Basics Event

ACT AIPP put together a “Back to Business Basics” event to get everyone motivated and on track for Spring. A new financial year calls for new goals, and the event came at the right time to keep the momentum high for the ACT photographers.

A stacked agenda

The first presentation was by a local AIPP member, Ben Kopilow. He touched on risk management, the things that could go wrong in business, and of course, what to have in place to prepare for it.

Next up were hosts, Mel and Micheal. They graciously hosted ACT in their studio for the night. Micheal inspired the audience with how he and Mel kept their studio and staff members organised through Trello. They use the handy app to map out everything in their studio, as well as their personal life. It was an eye-opener for a lot of guests, and it certainly had the room amazed.

After that, Tracy Lee shared everything she had learned from starting her own photography business. She started by breaking down the software and hardware she uses with her workflow. Tracy finished her talk by shedding some light on the hiccups she made along the way.

Valuable takeaways

Overall, the night was loaded with information for members to take home and act on.

“I’m glad I came to the “Back to Basics” event. The timing for me could not have been more perfect. It is really great to hear and get information from others who have gone through the exact same journey as I am!”

– Holly

 “What a truly superb evening of valuable content and education! Thank you to Mel and Michael for hosting, and for delivering a powerful presentation on Trello – life changing. To Ben, for bringing us back to earth (working on policy ASAP). And Tracy, for the sage advice on the lessons she had learnt. It very useful knowledge for photographers starting out.”

– Tracey

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