From the Board August 2019

Featured Image: Matt Palmer APP MPhotog

Our industry gala dinner was a highlight of a fantastic weekend of our industry coming.

It was wonderful seeing our trade partners, photographers, video producers, families and kids wandering the trade show, watching the judging and generally having a great time celebrating what our industry is all about and the love of image making.

The Trans Tasman Cup

We had some of our NZ family join us at our gala dinner, including Ollie Dale, New Zealand president.

We have a great working relationship with NZ and this is making both institutes more resilient.

NZ might have won the Bledisloe Cup but Australia held on the Trans Tasman Cup (a side competition between the best images of NZ and Australia) so the silverware will stay here yet again šŸ˜Š.

AIPP President Melissa Neumann and NZIPP President Ollie Dale with during the anouncment of the Trans Tasman Cup: Photos by W Kirby

Our Winner for 2019

Congratulations to Matt Palmer, overall winner and AIPP Photographer of the Year.

Such a great bloke and such moving speeches around his work. His subtle statements on damage to the environment spoke to many. 

You can see more about Matt’s win and the category winners here.

Matt Palmer on the Podium after wining the 2019 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year (Photos by: W Kirby)

What’s in the Pipeline

We are in the middle of the fastest evolution that our industry has ever seen. The institute must reflect that.

We’re proud of our awards and we’ve done them exceptionally well for many years. It’s time for the AIPP to be known for many other things as well. 


Emphasis on education and contemporary business and imaging techniques is a high priority.  In addition, regional members will have more access to events and education platforms than they ever have before. 

Just as importantly, mental health resources and having tools available for those that need them are high on the agenda. 

Back to Grass Roots

The local councils and regional chapters now have more say in what happens in their neck of the woods. We’re going back to grass roots and placing emphasise on building community.

The councils have now completed their one-year events calendar. We look forward to seeing what they have planed as it rolls our around the country.

We have a sensational group of volunteers who are passionate about providing members with excellent educational and social opportunities.

Please go along and support your local council. If you want to see something specific in your part of Australia these are the people to talk to.

Changes to Membership Structure

Membership structure change is on its way with more affordable fees and members will get more bang for their buck. We’re opening up our membership to include all areas of our industry.

A Richer tapestry will give us an institute that more creatives will want to be part of.

We’re currently focused on communication and marketing. You’ll start to see changes in our language and the way we connect with you. We want to talk with you, not at you!

A notable change is that our online publication, The Journal will no longer be continued.

From here on members will be getting regular email updates incorporate with this here AIPP blog.

This will keep everyone up to date and interested in what is happening.

Included will be articles from within the AIPP and articles of interest from external sources. This new blog introduces currency to our communication methods with potential for extensive reach.

Thank You Peter

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Peter Eastway. He has been the driving force and publisher of The Journal (previously The Working Pro).

For many years Peter has been providing invaluable content and news.

We’re working towards way more value and heaps more fun. Iā€™m excited for the changes that are coming in the near future and Iā€™m sure you will be as well.

From the Board: Melissa, Louise, Dan, Sara, David, Felisha, and Bruce

2019 AIPP board members