2019 AIPP board members


From the Board July 2019

The Epson State awards are now over. We’re heading toward the end of the awards season and the ‘grand finale’ that is APPA!


Firstly, I want to put out a huge thank you to Epson. Thank you for your support. Thank you also to all of the volunteers that made the Epson State Awards so successful. It takes a village of dedicated people to make all this happen.

At the heart of that village is our hard-working core, the Awards Committee. These guys have the tough job of ensuring a fair go for everyone. They are the umpires and as we know, umpires are sometimes not the most popular because they have to make the hard decisions.

This year has included the introduction of the scrutineer role which might take some time to fine tune, but will enhance the credibility of the overall process.

I always say that “the gold is in the getting there”. It’s what you learn from the journey that counts and a few awards along the way are great, but not always the most valuable part of entering.

Congratulations to all of those big award winners. Some sensational work. I am looking forward to see what APPA brings.


As a member, you will know that there is much more to the AIPP than just the awards.

Our new councils are now in place for the next 12 months and I am grateful to every single one of them for stepping up to help us out. And thank you to all those council members who have stepped down. Your service to the Institute is very much appreciated.

The Board is working on better communications between the Board and the councils this year. We are having regular open meetings and a Board rep allocated to each council. This will help keep them up to date with our directions and provide support when needed.

The Board has lots on at the moment. We will be spending three days together in July to solidify our direction. It is easier to block out time and get stuck into the job, so that’s exactly what we are doing.

We are decluttering and working out the best strategies for moving the Institute into the future. This is a work in progress. We have a great opportunity to make change that will give us a stronger and more cohesive institute.


We have some exciting stuff happening for our regional photographers with David Simmonds taking the lead on this front. Sara McKenna is charging ahead with working out the technical aspects of delivering online event content with a great group of people. A regional-specific event for next year is in planning. If you have any suggestions, contact David at david.simmonds@aipp.com.au.


Caring for each other is a value that we want to nurture in the Institute. We are all in this together, regardless of what genre or speciality area we are working in.

When you’re at an event, try talking to someone new. Look for that person standing alone who might not know anyone and strike up a conversation.

We want to encourage our members to get to know each other and foster a supportive network.
Many of us are sole traders. This is our way of connecting with others in our industry. Lets share our pain and our triumphs.


The accreditation process is under the microscope to ensure it is an achievement worthy of its name. In addition, specialist accreditation is being developed to take that even further.

You don’t have to be accredited to be a professional photographer or video producer, but we do want people to strive for this as a personal goal.

Our accredited members should be at the top of their game, striving to provide great images and service to their clients. Our accredited members should be held up high and celebrated.

We all started somewhere. For instance, when I became a photographer 30 years ago, I felt privileged to talk with AIPP members who I admired. These people who had experience in the business and were happy to help. I made great contacts and new friends who would happily give me advice; this is why I am still in the industry today. To know that I could contact other photographers who I could trust to give me good advice without judgement was priceless.

There is always more to learn no matter where you sit in the journey. We want to make the AIPP a place where this can happen.

Melissa Neumann APP.L M.Photog.
National President