From the Board – Sept 2019

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By Melissa Neumann

It’s the end of the awards season and we’re all about to enter the crazy part of the year when business goes a little nuts.

We’re working hard to get our new IT system out and ready for the new year.

You’ll start to see some changes to our systems in November as we transition our members across. 

Changes to Member Communication

This month we launch our new monthly communications via email strategy. This strategy will be a work in progress for a while.

If you’re a member you can expect to receive a regular email in your inbox every month. Feel free to reach out and give us some feedback. Let us know how we can improve this service for you.

There have been a lot of questions around our strategy regarding no longer delivering The Journal. We know many of you loved it.

It was a financial and communications strategy decision. We feel that we can deliver better to our members via other electronic means.

AIPP magazine The Journal
Final edition of the AIPP magazine, The Journal. Cover photo by Damien Bowerman.

We now have this blog (“AIPP Stories” – if you can think of a better name let us know).

Using lots of articles and information will help drive traffic to our new website once launched. Articles will be more searchable and more easily found by members and non-members alike.

We can feature and add return links to our members, which is beneficial for everyone. All of this is great for that SEO stuff that we all struggle to get our heads around.

We’ll still be including guest editors and writers in this zone. Please feel free to let us know what kind of content you want to see.

All of this will help us to promote not just the institute but our members, our events, and our communities. 

Changes to Non-Member Communication

Email to our subscriber list has been a little different than in the past. In fact we didn’t do any before so it’s an entirely new area of marketing for us!

We had 13,000 contacts in our database who hadn’t been communicated with for a very long time.

Some recipients of our emails thought the AIPP had been hacked. This was great for us. We wanted to show that we’re making changes to how we communicate and how we listen.

We haven’t gone mad, we are using the old age technique of getting people’s attention!

Marketing to potential new members is always a challenge. We’re trying a few things and being a bit different.

We want to get the attention of people in a very digitally noisy world. So if you see some weird stuff going on, try to analyse what we’re doing. See if you can use some of it in your marketing.

Our favourite so far was an email giving two options: the first took people to info about the trade show and APPA, the second lead to funny footage of a baby panda sneezing. (It’s really very funny!)

293 people clicked the link to APPA and 233 clicked the panda.

Very interesting to see the metrics. Almost 3,000 people opened the email and over five percent clicked links.

Sensational numbers from a marketing perspective.

If you want to get on the subscriber mailing list and have a laugh at what we’re up to, use the sign up box on the side of this blog.

It’s also a great option if you’re not currently a member but want to get more info about what we’re up to.

Training for Volunteers

We want to make sure that volunteering for the AIPP is a fun thing to do.

Everyone needs to understand what’s acceptable behaviour in today’s world.

We’re going to start rolling out some training for our staff and volunteers over the next few months.

Our Board, staff, state councils and committees will be asked to complete the courses first. We will then roll out to our other volunteers.

The training is around OHS, bullying and sexual harassment. From a business compliance side of things, this is incredibly important.

Education is a way to get everyone on the same page. Sometimes you just aren’t aware of what’s expected, so this aims to help address this.

We are also looking next year to implement a “SAFE PHONE.”

This will be a phone number that has a safe person at the end of it.

It’s for any person feeling venerable or violated by behaviour at a national event.

There will be a number they can call for immediate assistance. We need to find the right people with the right training to make this work.

We expect this to be in place early next year.

An AIPP ‘safe phone’ system is in the works. (Photo by: Diogo Brandao.)

Board Nominations are now open

Why Nominate? 

We define success within our careers in different ways, but perhaps defining the pinnacle of success is not based on what you get, but what you achieve by giving.

Being accepted to the AIPP Board or voted into a position by your peers, is an honour and a privilege.

As a key representative of the AIPP Board, you will:

  • be part of a team that will shape the strategy and direction of the institute, with potential to shape the industry as a whole

  • strengthen your professional credibility and network within a broad cross-section of membership and industry partners

  • increase your leadership, decision-making and interpersonal skills, beneficial to your own profession and/or business

  • receive mentorship to develop your personal confidence and esteem

  • better understand board and business processes and operations

  • use your knowledge to provide insight and education to the institute and its wider community

Bottom line is you’ll use your voice to make a difference, have an impact, and help the institute adapt to the changing markets and dynamics all professions face.

Members, please check your email for information about the nomination process.

If you’d like further information on any aspect of a board role before nominating, you can contact any members of the nominations committee or the board.

Not sure who they are? Email admin@aipp.com.au and our team can put you in touch.


  • September 25, 2019 - Reply

    Bill Bachman

    Hi all, it’s good to see this initiative in motion but I have a couple immediate remarks to offer in a constructive spirit.

    1) I can see where the Blog fits into the overall communication scheme of the AIPP but I also think it was short-sighted to cease publication of the AIPP Journal, which serves a different purpose. I would best describe the difference between the Blog and the Journal as the difference between news and features in a newspaper or magazine, the former being more immediate/topical/short-term and the latter being more substantial, in-depth and of greater enduring interest.

    The Journal has been a publication of record for many years and across its publishing history has consistently provided polished professional coverage of the interests, issues and major events – indeed, the history – of the AIPP. In addition to providing great reading on an issue-by-issue basis, year-on-year it now constitutes an institutional archive of major significance. I doubt the Blog will achieve that same historical importance, being more transient and, if I can use the term, bite-sized, in comparison. Yes, I can see there are features within the blog – but they are not in my opinion (at least at this point) of the same standard or lasting value of those we have been used to seeing in the Journal. For more frequent communication that includes news, views, tips, events and all sorts of other time-sensitive communication, by all means produce the Blog, but honestly, I would consider reinstating the Journal for coverage of larger issues and the sort of in-depth features that have always made it such a useful publication. There is in my opinion both a place and the need for both.

    2) Following on from that, if you are going to produce a credible Blog with the hope it will be eagerly read by thousands of members, it must be produced to much higher journalistic standards than exhibited in the first issue. The main blog and various side-features are riddled with errors of spelling, grammar and language. Additionally, some of the articles seem to have very little point. At the very least it should have been proof-read by someone with the appropriate skills, but really it should have been fully copy-edited. I realise this has been a while in development and applaud the ideas and energy behind it, but it has to be much, much better written, edited and presented. If this first issue were a high school essay there would be red pen all over it. I feel I can say this because I am the red-pen guy for the Awards Committee and help to make sure that as far as possible all our official communications are well-written, accurate and clean of errors. This must be the case if any such communication is to be taken seriously.

    That stated, I am not going to put my hand up to be that same guy for the Blog, but someone must be appointed to take on this role – either voluntarily or as a modestly paid editorial supervisor – or I believe the Blog will not achieve the respect it deserves from a wide range of perceptive readers who cannot possibly fail to notice its lack of professionalism at this stage.

    To be fair, I also realise this is the first issue and hope you understand I offer these thoughts in an effort to improve the standard of subsequent issues.

    Thanks, Bill

    • October 14, 2019 - Reply

      Melissa Neumann

      Thanks Bill, Appreciate the comments and we already have many of these in play. It will be a work in progress and will be fitting into our overall system over the next few months. Let us know if we are improving. We now have a proof reader so hopefully some of the issues will be addressed very soon. We are also in talks with writers to contribute a more journo style of writing mixed in with the shorter pieces of information. We look forward to hearing from you down the track to see how we are doing.

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