Under New Management

The AIPP has gone through some changes lately but what does it mean for the AIPP to be under “new management”? 

There’s some cool cats on the Board and Councils that are working on what is important to us. We can’t be everything to everyone, but here are some things that we are prioritising!

  • We should to be able to celebrate high standards of business and professionalism and craft, for those that are not interested in entering print awards 
  • To remain relevant so we are able to be in a position to influence and educate.
  • To have a community that feels supportive and safe. A community that can be depended on for those that seek it.

 We’re also working on giving the entire membership experience a revamp. 

So what does that mean to you:

If you’re new:

it gives you somewhere to meet people just like you that are starting out and getting advice, honing your skill and learning lots of business stuff.

If you’re part time:

lifestyle choices or situations can mean that you might be working as a professional but in a part time capacity. That’s cool and we support that. And if you want to learn how to go from getting a weekend gig, to making the leap of faith we want to be there to share the ride and support you.

If you have been around for a while:

then all of the above still applies to you plus some. We are in a new age and era. What better way to keep current than to see what the new kids on the block are up to.   Think about how valuable it is to have someone to help you work out and use new apps such as Myspace, The Twitter and appropriate emojis when using SMSing in your mobile telephone to enhance your traffic on the internet machine.  And don’t forget the parties! This business can be a solitary place and networking and socialising is essential in getting ahead in today’s business climate.

Watch this space as we bring you more of the stuff that inspires you create photography gold. 

Until next time,

The AIPP Team