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Featured image: Melinda Comerford APP MPhotog

A little experiment.

We have undertaken a little experiment in the latest issue of PROPhoto Magazine. We decided we didn’t want to select a single photo for the full page ad and instead, we just used the page to direct you folks to this blog post where we showcase the images we narrowed down. If you have seen the add in ProPhoto, you know the incentive we gave you to comment below and let us know which single image you would use for an add for the AIPP if you could. Feel free to let us know your reasons why as well. Look forward to hearing from you!

EDIT: This offer is now closed but feel free to share your comments anyhow!

#10 – Matt Palmer
#11 – Karen Waller
#12 – Les Sharp
#14 – Peter Barns
#17 – Stef Dunn
#18 – Susan Brunialti
#19 – Steve Wise
#20 – Chris Dark
#23 – Karen Dobia
#25 – Callan Shiel
#27 – Paul McCall
#28 – Joshua Holko
#29 – Eric Ronald
#31 – Erin King


  • September 9, 2019 - Reply

    Leo Pugliese

    Number 32 is my favourite.
    What a great marketing idea, I saw this in PROPhoto mag. $5 ~ rubs hands together ~

    • September 9, 2019 - Reply

      Melissa Neumann

      Thanks for your comment. We will email in the next few days to get your info. love the last part of your comment. LOL

  • September 30, 2019 - Reply


    Definitely number 5. I just want to know how this photo even came about.

  • October 27, 2019 - Reply

    Dallas Braithwaite

    Number 1. This is what a photo should be. Well captured portrait with context in background, expression and lighting. It can feed a number of topics from aboriginal affairs, environment, global warming, etc all within one picture.

  • November 5, 2019 - Reply


    it has everything

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