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AIPP President’s Message – December 2020

Monday 21st December

By Louise Bagger

Welcome to the AIPP President’s Message for December 2020.

You can view the fully transcribed video message and we’ve also included a summary of content below for your convenience.

We’re approaching the end of a challenging year which has highlighted in so many ways how, as a community, our members, volunteers and staff are able to rally together for support and survival.

First and foremost, I want to welcome those who have joined AIPP throughout 2020 and congratulations to those who have achieved accreditation. I’m always thrilled to see your introductions in our social media platforms and to see your excitement at becoming a newly Accredited Member. You have joined a long line and a long history of our traditions and culture. 

Our committees have worked extremely hard this year and especially noting what we’ve been up against. Some of our committees are more visible than others while there are those that work away in the background on the issues that are important to the broader and usually longer-term outcomes. Regardless of this, please remember that these people – these members – who make up the committees are volunteers. They are immensely dedicated to their individual causes.

To the Awards and Video Committees for the introduction of AIPP’s first dedicated digital competitions – Silver Linings and Reframe. Both of these platforms have paved the way for our future with digital image competitions.

  • The new Silver Linings website is up and running together with the announcement of SLA 2021. Hop online, check out the new categories and get yourselves ready for when entries open on the 1st of February next year.
  • The World Photographic Cup is on our radar and the 2021 pool of entries can now be viewed online. The top 10 and best of nation images will be announced in late January 2021 with the WPC winners being announced in April.
  • I would like to thank Adam Hourigan who was our nominated Australian judge and also Peter Rossi for representing as Captain for Team Australia.
  • Stay tuned for a full Awards Committee update in January from Awards Chair, Gary Cranitch.

The On-Line Content Committee has launched the new AIPP TV YouTube channel with 12 days of Christmas for your visual feasting (no calories in that one!). They have a huge amount of very exciting content coming in the new year. If you’ve not yet done so, head over to the channel to watch and don’t forget to hit the button to subscribe so you can benefit from receiving the updates. Subscribers are in with a chance to win a limited edition fine art print from Joshua Holko. Some incredible work is going into this content. Thank you to the team lead by Robyn Campbell.

Other committees for AIPP are Education, Nominations, Compliance and Honours. As I mentioned, these committees, although less visible, have all continued their dedicated work for an on behalf of the institute and I thank you all for your continued loyalty.

I can’t avoid singling out one particular person who works in solitude as a volunteer. I speak of Chris Shain who is the Board adviser on Copyright. Thank you as always Chris for bringing updates and communications to our attention. In addition, Chris also provides updates on matters relating to drone regulations which we disseminate as appropriate.

To our wonderful volunteers on our Councils – over this past few weeks I have loved seeing the photos on social media from your end of year catch-ups. Unfortunately, some were cancelled either due to covid or weather interruptions. Regardless of this, thank you to each and every one of you for the work you have done locally for members throughout this crazy year – keeping them – us – engaged as a community.

With the launch of the new website – we are thrilled at the initial response to the design and ease of navigation. It’s important to mention that it was not just the front end of the website,  but a complete redesign of the entire IT system including backend membership management. As a result of the new website, we will realise ongoing cost savings. We are aware that there are creases to be ironed out. The positive reaction to the launch is encouraging and we want to thank those who have submitted feedback and suggestions These are all being taken into account as we manage modifications and updates. I want to thank you for your patience with our staff as they work through the transition.

On that, to our hardworking admin staff who are the core of our operational capabilities. You are for many, the first voice, the first communication that more often than not leads to new relationships being formed and ongoing friendships being nurtured. Thank you for everything you do and I know you’ll all be looking forward to some well-earned downtime.

A special note of gratitude to our Trade Partners who continue to support us and provide benefits which are unique to AIPP members. I know the collaboration is felt mutually with many of our members remaining loyal to your brands, products and services. We wish you continued growth and success for 2021 and look forward to working with you to build our industry.

2020 has been a year that has seen many changes across the broad photographic, video and imaging Industries. We have witnessed changes in consumer patterns, parts of the Industry closing its doors and fortunately some recognising the need for change. Happily many are still with us in our community.

Your Board has worked tirelessly throughout the year. By innovating and making change where necessary we are ready to launch into 2021. Starting in January we will be making some announcements and implementing change that will see your (our) AIPP continuing to support existing members and welcoming new ones. We will present an event calendar to excite; there will be more activity to engage our community across all parts of Australia and more opportunities for you, our members, to be involved in these community initiatives”

The survival of AIPP is widely recognised as was noted in a recent article by Inside Imaging. This has not come easily and has required dedicated input and change management by the board and our staff. 2021 will see further change to the management of AIPP and implementation of a strategy to encourage new membership.

As you head into the festive season, take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Be kind to yourself and that will reflect on those close to you. Take time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Switch off for a while. Go for that walk along the beach or by the lake or go for that drive through the hills or the countryside. Heck, why not binge on that Netflix series you’ve been hearing all about. Come back in 2021 with new ideas and with drive and determination. You made it through 2020.  You are important to us as a member and as an individual. Thank you for being who you are and for giving AIPP a little piece of you. You make us who we are today.

Stay safe, and we’ll see you next year.

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