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Friday 31 July, 2020

The Silver Lining Awards Conclude with a Fabulous Online Presentation Night

In a year of doing things differently the AIPP hosted its first online awards in 2020, culminating in last night’s live Presentation Night broadcast.

It was not without some trepidation that the Awards Committee set about organising this online event, an AIPP first. The budget was slim and the brief demanding: make it a night that brings members together around the nation. No pressure!

Fortunately the night was a huge success. Awards Chair, Tony Hewitt, worked for months with students and staff from North Metro TAFE in WA to pull together a show that saw many highs as the winners of the 12 competition categories were crowned.

Tony was joined in the studio by co-host Rachel Callander, AIPP General Member and renowned keynote speaker.

ABOVE: Silver Lining Awards Presentation Night hosts, Rachel Callander (left) and Tony Hewitt (right.) Click through to watch the broadcast…

As a part of the show, viewers also heard from National President, Louise Bagger, and Awards Committee members Bill Bachman, Craig Wetjen, Gary Cranitch and Robyn Campbell.

ABOVE: AIPP hosts and crew on the ground in WA successfully crossed live to AIPP National President, Louise Bagger, in SA. Many thanks to the team at North Metro TAFE in WA for their efforts in bringing the live Presentation Night to life.

Some of the major Prize Donors provided uplifting videos to add to the content as well.

AIPP Silver Lining Sponsors 2020
ABOVE: We’re forever grateful to our AIPP Silver Lining Sponsors for their generous support

Inspirational Images

The crowning highlight of the night was the slideshow featuring all 300 semi-finalist images.

Celebrating the depth of talent amongst some of Australia’s best photographers, it was both enjoyable and inspirational, and reminded everyone what an incredibly talented bunch of photographers choose to belong to the AIPP.

And the Winners Are…

Congratulations to the winners of the 12 categories:

ABSTRACT – Jackie Ranken APP GMPhotogIPB
WILD – Scott Portelli APP MPhotog
ISOLATED – Karen Waller APP MPhotog
PLACES – Kris Anderson APP MPhotogI
JOURNEYS – Brian Hodges APP
PORTRAIT – Forough Yavari APP MPhotog
LIFE – Karen Waller APP MPhotog
STUDENT – Anna Luscombe
NEWCOMER – Ruth Woodrow

Stay tuned for a further feature post on the winners coming soon!

Double Delight!

To be selected as a semi-finalist, finalist, place-getter and winner from almost 3000 entries is no mean feat. Some of our winners were quite overwhelmed, especially those who placed in more than one category.

Karen Waller (SA) took out two categories, winning both Life and Isolated, as well as placing second in Portrait, fourth in Journeys, with two Top Ten entries in Places and Life to boot.

Photo by Karen Waller Winner AIPP 2020 Silver Lining Awards Isolated Category
ABOVE: South Australian photographer, Karen Waller’s single capture winning image in the AIPP 2020 Silver Lining Awards Isolated category
Photo by Karen Waller Winner AIPP 2020 Silver Lining Awards Life Category
ABOVE: Two-time winner, Karen Waller, also took out the Life category in the Silver Lining Awards with this joyful documentary image

As a result of her incredible efforts, Karen was awarded prizes valued at over $6000 from our very generous Prize Donors, including a $1500 printing voucher from Atkins and a $3,300 EIZO ColorEdge monitor.

Another Finalist to take out two categories was Forough Yavari (QLD), who won the Photo Illustration category and the most subscribed category in the competition, Portrait.

Photo by Forough Yavari Winner AIPP 2020 Silver Lining Awards Photo Illustration Category
ABOVE: Queensland photographer, Forough Yavari’s winning image in the Photo Illustration category of the inaugural Silver Lining Awards
Photo by Forough Yavari Winner AIPP 2020 Silver Lining Awards Portrait Category
ABOVE: The winning image in the most hotly contended category in the AIPP Silver Lining Awards – Portrait. Photo titled ‘I Have a Dream’ by Forough Yavari

Like Karen, Forough took home a $1500 printing voucher from Atkins and was utterly delighted to be awarded an Olympus camera and lens kit to the value of $4100.

Other Finalists who achieved at least two placings include:

Kris Anderson – 1st in Places and 4th in Isolated
Joshua Holko – 2nd and 3rd in Wild
Julie Mullock – 3rd and 5th in Isolated
Steve Scalone – 2nd in Goods & Services and 5th in Places
Federico Rekowski – 2nd and 3rd in Places
Brian Hodges – 1st in Journeys and 5th in Celebrations
Andrew Railton – 3rd and 4th in Photo Illustration
Lynn Gail – 4th and 5th in Life
Diana Fernie – 2nd in Journeys and 4th in Wild

Well done to these very talented photographers!

It Couldn’t Happen Without Our Supporters

The Silver Lining Awards simply wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible generosity of the Prize Donors. Over 85 prizes were donated, with a total worth of over $45,000.

To accrue a prize pool of such magnitude in such an abnormal economic climate illustrates how strongly the AIPP is supported by generous sponsors and individuals within the wider photographic community.

It was a great thrill to be able to award such amazing prizes to our top five images in each category and we thank our Prize Donors for making this possible.

Please head to the Silver Lining Awards website to read all about the prize pool and consider supporting these brands, sponsors and individuals as they have so generously supported us.

AIPP Silver Lining Sponsors

Feedback Time

As a Committee, we love to give AND receive feedback!  

To GIVE to our members, we will be running a short series of “Stories Behind the Silver Lining” sessions in August. Stay tuned to hear more about these exciting online events, which will be free for members to attend.

To RECEIVE, we would love to hear your thoughts on your Silver Lining Awards experience.

Everything from the entry process, the Image Critique sessions, the semi-finalist and finalist announcements, the Silver Lining Awards website and the Presentation Night is up for comment – let us know what worked well and feel free to offer constructive comments about what could be changed in the future.

Random entrants have been selected to receive Google feedback survey forms – if you would like a link to this survey, please email

Alternatively, you are welcome to email your feedback directly to us via the same email. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Final Word

The Silver Lining Awards were created in a hurry to fill the gap left by our cancelled state and national awards. Hundreds – maybe thousands – of volunteer hours have gone into making these awards a reality…and every hour has been worth it to bring the AIPP community together during these unusual times.

Stunning imagery lifts the spirits and ours have most certainly soared as we have watched members rise to the occasion by supporting these awards with such gusto.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, positivity and talent. We look forward to the next awards event – until then, keep shooting!

– The AIPP Awards Committee


  • August 5, 2020 - Reply

    Ruth Yates

    It was a great idea the silver lining awards, and the critique session online. I just feel it would have been nice to have your photograph awarded a bronze silver or gold and be scored. It makes it a lot more encouraging for those that did not make the Finals. Just a suggestion.

    • August 6, 2020 - Reply

      Katrina Ferguson

      Hi Ruth, thanks for your feedback – we always appreciate constructive feedback from our entrants. If you would like to tell us more, would would love to hear it! Here is a link to a feedback survey for members we created:

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