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COVID-19: Guidance for Photographers and Video Producers in Australia

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12 May, 2020

The AIPP have been approached by many photographers and video producers asking to be provided with guidance and information about work that image professionals can and cannot do during the current COVID-19 crisis.

The legalities vary state by state and the advice from Federal and State Governments is updated daily. The AIPP is extremely cautious to not be in the position of having out of date information available or providing incorrect advice.

Circumstances will vary from person to person depending on the work being conducted and where.

– The AIPP

Check and Check Again

The best and only advice is the up to date information from the relevant Federal and State Governments as well as local Councils, MPs and law enforcement agencies.

It’s important to research as much and as often as is relevant and required. Please also remember that circumstances may vary from state to state as well as regions and municipalities within each state.

List of Resources

To help you find the information relevant to your situation, we have provided a list of sites from both Federal and State Governments. There are of course many more.

The sites listed here are generally health and business related from each government. It is up to each individual to check the information is current and the most up to date version for any work or projects you may
be involved with.

It is also important for each individual to check with their business insurance to ensure appropriate coverage for all liabilities.

Federal Government

Australian Government Logo

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia

Tasmania support_grant

Victoria management-plan/coronavirus-business-support

Western Australia


Overall personal safety for you and your clients is incredibly important as we traverse through this crisis.

Where you’re in a position to be able to conduct an assignment, please adhere to all medical advice and guidance being provided and the precautions you are required to take to minimise the risk of transmission to yourself or to others.

Safe Work Australia has compiled an extensive resource about staying safe at work:

The AIPP is providing this information as general guidance only; we are not legal or medical professionals. It is essential that individuals contact their business advisor and/or relevant Federal and State Government departments and local authorities to discuss specific situations.


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