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COVID-19: Website Dos and Don’ts

One of the great things about our AIPP community is the benefit of experience and knowledge from other AIPP members. Glenn Martin APP posted this great general advice on some dos and don’ts of discussing COVID-19 on your website. Read on…

This is generalised advice.

No doubt a lot of you are drowning in queries about what happens to money if bookings are cancelled, moved, etc.

One way (not the only way) to keep your sanity is, in the first instance, to direct your queries to an information page on your site.

But there are a few things to consider to make it useful for your customers who are probably already in a frantic state of mind.


  • Do put the most important information for your customer first and foremost, which is probably: can I reschedule, can I cancel, what happens to my deposit, what do I do next?
  • Do have a date on your page for when it was last updated to give customers a sense of currency
  • Do put links to authoritative sources of information such as the website
  • Do stay in your own lane and take care of your business. While it may feel helpful to give advice about other businesses (ie: venues) and what customers should do, it’s best to stick to your part
  • Do be concise 😉


  • Don’t have important information buried within a big paragraph of text or at the bottom of the page. See the first dot point above
  • Don’t rehash information that is already widely available, such as a big opening preamble about social distancing rules. Stick to what your business is doing for your customers
  • Don’t list reams of stats and rules. These are changing on almost a daily basis so it is better to link to authoritative sources instead of creating more work for yourself
  • Don’t make definitive statements about what can and what can’t happen, it changes too quickly and what is accurate today may be misinformation tomorrow
  • Don’t feel overwhelmed about making it perfect, if you stick to the first few Dos above you can knock something out in 10 minutes and update later as needed

Of course, there are other things you can do, and your business may have different needs than what I have outlined above. But if you start with those simple dos and don’ts you’ll have more on-point information for your customers when they visit your website.

Stay safe and connected

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