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February Resource Round-Up

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February 2020

A quick whip around of helpful articles, resources and tech we’ve found on the web and hope you find interesting and valuable.

You can find our first ever round-up, January 2020, here.

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File Storage and Backup

Now’s the time (as it regularly is!) to examine how you’re storing and backing up your digital files. In February, AIPP member, Andrew Campbell (APP GMPhotogIPB APPLM), posed a question re: cloud storage in our private Facebook community group.

Over 40 comments and responses followed from fellow members sharing their experiences and recommendations. Suggestions included Backblaze, Google Drive, One Drive, Crashplan, Amazon Drive and Datto Workplace.

(For members who’d like to read the thread, head to the AIPP community page and type “catastrophe” in the search bar.)

AIPP Facebook Group Andrew Campbell asks re: cloud storage

Along the same lines, Pixellu (the company behind SmartAlbums and SmartSlides) posted an article on the fragility of digital files and how this is perhaps best combatted by – would you believe – printing your photos!

Pixellu Hard drive failure
Hard drive failure got you worried? Have you considered cloud storage as an alternative? Or going old-school and – gasp – printing your photos?! Photo © Pixellu
Smart Albums by Pixellu Are Your Files Safe Stats

Three Aussie Finalists for WPP

Will Shipton from Inside Imaging has put together a brief summation of the 2020 World Press Photo Contest (WPP) finalists, including three Australian freelance photographers.

The full collection of finalist images can be viewed here.

Inside Imaging world press photo article 2020 by Will Shipton
A snapshot of the Inside Imaging WPP 2020 article by Will Shipton

Album (or anything) Registries

Album Registry Australian Company

Did you know there’s an Aussie company making is SUPER easy for professional photographers, their clients, and/or their loved ones to setup and contribute towards physical product (or services)?

You sign up (for free) and create an online registry: give it a name, a banner photo, set individual gift and goal total amounts then send the link out to your clients or their loved ones (think someone organising a baby shower or group wedding gift etc.) Easy. As.

All payments are handled by Album Registry and paid to you in a lump sum (minus a flat 8% commission fee) on the 12th of the month following the registry completion date.

Got clients who say they can’t afford a wedding album or upgrade? Got a maternity client who wants a newborn shoot but wants their friends and family to gift it to them? Got clients who want to give the gift of professional photography to someone else in their lives OR pay for their commercial or personal branding photography in instalments? Check out Album Registry.

And hey, if Celeste Barber’s into it, then where do I sign up? 😉

Album Registry offers a very simple solution to an age-old industry problem

Track your Time

Feel like you’re always busy but not always moving the metaphorical needle? Got clients wanting a detailed breakdown of the time spent on specific projects? Maybe it’s worth taking the time to, uh, track your time?

Toggl is a free (on the basic plan) online software and app available to do so for individuals and/or teams.

Toggl Time Tracking Software
Toggl time tracking software is available online and as an app

Harvest is another option to help identify the true time sucks in your business and/or work day, as well as Tomato Timer for those who prefer fuss-free tracking online using the Pomdoro Technique (of working in 25-minute blocks.)

Harvest App Time Tracking Software
Harvest might suit your time-tracking needs
Tomato Timer Time Tracking Software
Fuss-free desktop pomodoro technique timer more your ting? Check out Tomato Timer

If the pomodoro technique has you intrigued, you can check out this article listing giving a quick general run-down of what it is, who it’s for, and 12 popular timer app alternatives.

Instagram, Meet Twitter

If you’ve ever wished you could automatically post your Instagram photos straight to Twitter, in-real-time, AND have the photo made visible (unlike with the native IG functionality, which only shares a link) let us introduce to you Tweet Photo.

It’s easy, free and as simple as connecting your accounts and following the prompts. Now, there’s something to be said for respecting each platform and posting directly to it…but there’s also something to be said for simple and effective efficiencies!

Tweet Photo
No question which of the two tweets on the right has the most impact

A Website that Converts

Know (or suspect) you’re not converting your website’s traffic into paying clients and want to know what to do about it?

Here’s a hint: you HAVE to put your clients’ needs (and answer their questions) first. The Pixellu team have six other digestible and easily implementable ideas for you to pull your website’s socks up quick smart.

If that whets your appetite for website tips and tricks, be sure to check out Alex Vita’s extensive list on finding and fixing 60+ photography website mistakes.

Alex runs Foreground Web, a web-design and education service specifically for photographers (hallelujah!) and if you haven’t already, sign up to his email list for a juicy stream of pragmatic and actionable advice, info, and curated links all about photography websites.

Foreground Web by Alex Vita Email Op-In
Foreground Web by Alex Vita, a specialist in photography websites. Sign up to receive access to free resources and regular tips and tricks straight to your inbox

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