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How an APVP Membership can benefit you and your business


Featured image by Lara Wiseman-Daniel

If you’re a videography industry professional – a producer, director, cinematographer, sound recordist, editor, camera crew, grip, gaffer, lighting technician, or visual FX artist – perhaps you’ve been asking, what can an Australian Professional Video Producer membership with the AIPP do for you?

Here we’ve put together a couple of reasons why joining the AIPP can be immensely beneficial to your videography career and business.

You’re joining a vocal and passionate community of artists inside the AIPP. Connecting with other members through this network provides valuable opportunities for relationships that can generate paid work. Through the AIPP’s social and industry events, you will have the opportunity to meet producers and agency heads, network with fellow professionals, and keep up to date with the latest tech. 

APVP accreditation helps you stand out from the crowd. In this highly competitive industry, accreditation not only provides a point of differentiation between you and unaccredited competitors, it also provides your customers with the security of knowing your work has been assessed to a professional standard.

The AIPP helps you build professional relationships you can trust. In this mid-Covid world, interstate work and travel have become much more difficult. The networks you can create through the AIPP may help you to find local or interstate industry partners who can be current and future collaborators, helping you overcome the obstacles Covid has raised. No one ever wants to turn away work, and knowing your collaborators are AIPP accredited gives an added sense of security.

Being a member of the AIPP provides you with access to a wide range of member resources, from trade partner offers to specimen contracts to industry factsheets and information, and much more.

For videography industry professionals, membership of the AIPP is more than just a certificate on the wall – it’s about connecting you to other industry professionals who can help you grow your career and business. You can find out more about our membership and how to join here.


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