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Introducing the Silver Lining Awards

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Entries open June 1st 2020

The Awards Committee are delighted to announce the AIPP’s first online awards program is here – welcome to the 2020 Silver Lining Awards!

2020 is a year unlike any we’ve experienced in our lifetime. Circumstances have forced us to change the way we work, play, behave and interact. One thing that hasn’t changed however, is our need for creative expression.

The AIPP Epson State Awards were unfortunately cancelled for 2020 and planning for the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) is currently suspended.

Isolation Favours Art

The Awards Committee sees this as an opportunity to do something special; to channel the challenges facing us all into a communal outpouring of creative energy.

As art critic and winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for criticism, Jerry Saltz, says, “Isolation favours art.” So let’s ignore the clouds and focus on the silver lining.

The AIPP Silver Lining Awards aim to do just that, with an online program incorporating image critiques and feedback sessions, judge training and a national competition culminating in a multi-state print exhibition.

AIPP Silver Lining Awards 2020
Early Bird / Pre-Purchase of Entries run May 11 – May 22. Regular entry opens June 1

Members Only

(But it’s Not Too Late to Join Us)

Silver Linings is a members-only awards program designed to engage as many of our members as possible by offering interesting new categories and low entry fees, including one FREE entry to each AIPP member.

If you’re not currently an AIPP financial member but would like to participate in this exciting online awards program, you can join or renew your membership today.

The investment is as little as $12 per month and the benefits of membership extend far beyond awards. We’d love to have you in our community of passionate image makers.

All AIPP members are welcome to enter the Silver Lining Awards even if you’ve never entered our state or national awards before.

You can test the award waters with your single free entry or take advantage of our early bird prices on offer from May 11th and snap up entries for $20 each for Accredited and General members or $10 each for student members. 

Silver Lining Awards Categories

We can already hear you asking, “So, what exactly are the interesting new categories?” This is where we’ve tried to mix things up in order to provide a variety of different opportunities for members to display their talents.

There are ten categories on offer: five in the ‘Creative’ division and five in the ‘Classic’ division.

Creative Categories

The five Creative categories are: Portrait, Places, Goods & Services, Celebration, and Photo Illustration.

In the Creative categories entrants are free to utilise the entire available range of digital editing techniques (including compositing) to create their final image.

In other words: as long as the entry is one hundred percent photographic in origin and entirely the work of the entrant, pretty much anything goes.

AIPP Silver Linings, creative categories
AIPP Silver Lining Creative categories for 2020

Classic Categories

The five Classic categories are: Life, Wild, Journeys, Isolated, and Abstract.

In the Classic categories, all entries must be derived from a single source file created in-camera.

Source files may be digital or film-based (including images created by traditional processes) but must be entered as digital files. Entrants may edit these files any way they wish apart from compositing.

Cloning of minor elements is permitted for retouching purposes but no major elements of the original image may be replicated, rearranged, reversed or mirrored.

AIPP Silver Linings, classic categories
AIPP Silver Lining Classic Categories for 2020

One important difference between this competition and AIPP print awards is that any image captured on or after June 1, 2015 may be entered, providing a five-year window in which entrants may select images to enter.

– Awards Committee

More Information

You can read more about each category on our Silver Linings website.

Accredited and General members can enter up to five images in each category and student members are invited to enter three images into the competition in total.

Semi-finalists and finalists will be announced in each category, including student and newcomer (a category designed for those who’ve never entered AIPP awards before.)

Prizes will be awarded for first through to fifth place in each category, thanks to the generosity of our ever-supportive trade partners.

Aipp sponsors, AIPP trade partners
Thanks to our AIPP trade partners for their continuing support

To learn more, please have a listen to (or read the captions from) Awards Committee Chair, Tony Hewitt, as he chats all things Silver Lining Awards:

Important Disclaimer:

Within this video, Tony reveals that the Silver Lining Awards will have a ‘five year rule’ in place, whereby entrants can enter images taken any time since June 1st 2015. He then goes on to say that all images entered into the Silver Lining Awards will be eligible for entry into future AIPP print awards. 

Please note that images entered into the Silver Lining Awards will only be eligible for entry into future AIPP print awards IF they adhere to the rules and conditions of entry of the print awards. Please remember that the rules for the Silver Lining Awards and AIPP print awards are DIFFERENT and therefore, entry across both awards types may not be possible. 

Any questions or comments can be directed to 

Members can also check their emails, jump onto our community Facebook page or visit our Silver Lining Awards website.

We’ve tried to make these awards exciting, challenging and as different as possible from our print awards – yet the objective of both remains the same: to showcase Australia’s best contemporary professional photography.

We look forward to seeing you at our online image critiques throughout May and to receiving your entries from June 1 onward.

Good luck and have fun!

– The AIPP Awards Committee


  • April 29, 2020 - Reply

    Kouyou Watanabe

    This is great to see and a wonderful event created by the AIPP!
    Any chance that there will be something similar for videography? Or are the APVP awards going ahead this year? (Apologies if I’ve missed something!)

    • April 29, 2020 - Reply


      Hi Kouyou,

      Planning for the AVPA awards is suspended, pending what happens with Covid-19 and related issues. The APVP and Awards Committees are having discussions around something exciting for video producers. You’ll need to stay tuned! 🙂

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  • June 9, 2020 - Reply

    Anthony (Tony) Harding

    Is there a closing date for the Silver Lining Awards??

    • June 11, 2020 - Reply

      Katrina Ferguson

      Great question Tony! At the time of publishing, a closing date wasn’t finalised. However, we can let you know now the Silver Lining Awards close Monday 22 June. All awards info can be found here if in doubt:

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