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January Resource Round-Up

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January 2020

Everyone loves a good resource. Especially if it means we get to create better, work faster and do right by our image-making industry. 

Every month we’ll be bringing you the best of what we find online, and presenting it in this neat little wrap up.

Now get your bookmarks ready!

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Free Yearly Planner

For those who’ve had a sluggish start to 2020, don’t despair. You can grab a free 12-page online (or printable) ‘Get Focused’ yearly planner dedicated to priorities, processes, prices, and profits from the folks at ShootProof to help get you going.

Email Scams

We’ve all seen them or heard others talk about them: online photography and videography scams. Take some time to check out this article at ‘Scam Watch‘ (by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

It details general information on job and employment scams re: how to spot them, how they work, how to protect yourself etc.

Think of those random email requests you get out of the blue, often in broken English and asking for your availability for a birthday party or family reunion etc. (the enquiry is often for a genre of photography or videography you don’t even shoot) and wondering, just by the by, if you happen to accept credit card payments.

They’ll often cite grave illness or even deafness as a reason for not being able to call or speak with you over the phone.

(Dodgy) Business Name Registration Letters

Incidentally, also keep your guard up when receiving notices (either by post or email) to renew your business name and/or your domain name. These notices often look professional and official but they too are usually scams.

Be sure to only renew your business details through The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and your domain name and/or hosting through the original company you purchased it through.

Business name registry scam
A sample business name registration scam letter received by AIPP President, Louise Bagger.
Business Name Registry Scam Letter
Another business name registry scam letter sent to AIPP member, Matthew Vasilescu. Be sure to only ever renew through ASIC

Head On Open

The call for Australia’s Head On photo awards is out with some $70k in cash and prizes up for grabs. Categories include portrait, landscape and student. Get in quickly as entries close Sunday 16th February, 2020.

Heads Up to Real Estate Photographers

Real estate photographers beware: in many cases you’re being ‘forced’ to sign over copyright in order to get the gig. Technology, trends, and business news reporters at Inside Imaging detail a recent legal battle on the issue (along with the link to the full court paper.)

Inside Imaging Logo

New Year, New Prices?

The folks at Pixellu (responsible for SmartSlides and SmartAlbums) discuss three simple ways to raise your prices without alienating you client base.

Photographer working on laptop
Click to read the article on pricing without alienating clients. (Photo c/o Pixellu.)

Avatar, huh?

Read just about any marketing book or listen to any business podcast and you’ll hear the same hot tip offered over and over: business success can’t come until you define your ideal target market/client avatar/dream client etc.

Kayla Carmicheal at Hubspot defines what a target audience is and how to go about physically finding yours. There’s also a free guide available detailing how to create your buyer personas for your business

How to find your target audience by Hubspot
Click through to read the full article by Kayla Carmicheal at Hubspot.

Blogging Blues be Gone

Hate blogging your shoots/sessions? Narrative App (a New Zealand creation) makes it easy, fast, SEO-friendly and beautiful.

Jay Henington from the SLR Lounge has written a ‘hands-on’ review to help you determine if it might be a good fit for you.

Narrative App Screen Grab
Part of the interface of blogging software Narrative as shown by Jay Henington in his review for the SLR Lounge.

Auto Lab Fulfilment for WP Users Overseas

Though only in the US and Canada for now, it’s worth keeping abreast of the new WordPress automatic lab fulfilment functionality by Imagely (via NextGen Pro.)

We do have a solid history of taking our counterparts’ lead and perhaps this ability will be available in Australia in the future (hint hint to our Aussie lab partners and friends! 👍🏼)

Automatic lab fulfilment by Imagely
Automatic lab fulfilment integrated into your WordPress site? A concept (currently only available in the US and Canada) to watch. Read more about it here.

Increase in Followers

While it’s not all about the number of followers you have, your chances of increasing Instagram engagement (the more powerful metric of the two) can certainly increase with the larger the audience you have.

Taylor Loren from social media scheduling software Later offers 12 tips on increasing your numbers.

Ways to get more Instagram followers by Later
Follower numbers shouldn’t be your top priority in 2020…but it does still count (pun intended.) Click to find out more.

Still Going?

If you’ve made it this far through the January resource round-up, would you mind taking a moment to leave a comment or suggestion below for the benefit of future ‘editions?’

This is but a maiden voyage and we’d like to tailor later round-ups directly towards our community’s interests and needs so please help us help you!

What did you like? What was missing? Know of anything that’d be good to include? How could we improve the round-up for you?

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In the meantime, giddyup for February and we’ll see you at the next one!


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