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June Resource Round-Up

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By Katrina Ferguson

June 2020

Forgive us: we interrupted our usual monthly resource round-up programming from April-May to concentrate on bringing you the most pertinent resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can head to our COVID-19 Resource Library post at any time to check out the special news, deals and education still on offer (last updated June 11, 2020.)

Now that lockdown and restrictions are beginning to ease (for some states at least!) and a sense of normalcy slowly returning, so too will our usual monthly round-ups.

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Free Video Education

I know, I know…consumption of free and discounted video content is possibly at an all-time peak right now. Video fatigue is REAL!

But this free and diverse mini collection of 10 photography education videos produced by White House Custom Colour (WHCC) is worthy of a quick browse.

Not every video may specifically appeal to your genre and interests but if there’s not something here you can genuinely learn from, it’d be a surprise. Have a look and see what you think:

WHCC Print Worthy Video Series
WHCC Print Worthy video series options

The videos are produced by WHCC who are a large professional photographic and press-printing company in the USA for whom The Edge Photo Imaging in Melbourne (Burwood) is the Australian distributor.

You’re always best to support Australian made where possible but it’s worth checking out the WHCC range while keeping in mind that when ordered via an Edge account, you don’t pay the hefty US-to-Australia postage rates AND turnaround times are super fast (typically 1-2 weeks) given they prioritise and ship to The Edge weekly.

If you’re interested, a free account with The Edge will need to be set up and a copy of The Edge White House ROES (ordering software) downloaded.

Get familiar with the price guide (downloadable below) because this is the pricing Australians are charged (as opposed to that shown in USD inside ROES itself.)

Price List for WHCC through The Edge Photo Imaging

It really is imperative that potential clients contact us first so we can make sure they are well prepared, understand the pricing structure and have everything they need for happy and successful ordering.

– Casey, The Edge Photo Imaging Customer Service

Video Speed Controller

Speaking of videos, strap yourself in: this one is a GAME CHANGER!

Ever wish you could hurry that online video up? Want to watch or listen but finding it cumbersomely slow? Let me introduce you to the Google Chrome extension Video Speed Controller.

Video Speed Controller
Steal back some of your time with Chrome extension Video Speed Controller

It’s free to download from the Chrome Web Store and overlays any HTML 5 online video (i.e. most of them) being viewed in a Chrome browser with a small video speed control panel you can use to speed up, slow down, fast-forward or rewind videos.

Heck, you can even just use the keyboard shortcuts for the same effect! Don’t like the shortcuts provided? No problem, head into settings and customise your own.

Take back control and don’t waste time wondering if this is a good idea for you or not: go download it now and never look back (unless you want to rewind and replay with ease and at a faster pace!)

TikTok What?!

TikTok got you feeling old? (As in just out-of-your-teen-years old?!)

Me too. But it’s not just teenagers on the platform any more. There are some 800 million+ monthly active users spending an average of almost an hour on TikTok daily so it’s very much here and happening in 2020.

TikTok Logo

If you don’t want to be left behind, it’s important to learn more about it (yep, even if you’re not quite yet ready to dive into another social and content marketing platform!)

That’s where this Ultimate Guide to TikTok Marketing from social media scheduling platform Later comes in handy. It’s thorough but highly digestible and riddled with quick tips and visual examples to help fast-track your TikTok wit.

Later Guide to TikTok Marketing
The contents of Later’s Guide to TikTok Marketing

Bokeh Bookshelf

If you’re a podcast listener and not already subscribed to The Bokeh Podcast, check it out.

Host, Nathan Holritz, (founder of The Photographer’s Edit – a custom photo editing service provider in the US) chats with guests to help photographers build more sustainable businesses by focusing on issues such as brand building, marketing, workflow refinement, shooting tips, lifestyle and all things photography related.

The Bokeh Podcast Episode Samples
Recent episodes and topics covered on The Bokeh Podcast

Aside from the podcast however, Holritz has put together a showcase of the most highly recommended books for photographers based on the responses from his guests across some 300+ episodes.

So if you’re looking for a good book recommendation, The Bokeh Bookshelf is a great place to start. Cut straight to the most-loved and highly inspirational titles in the market:


You may have heard of or already be using graphic design platform sensation Canva, but did you know it’s an Aussie invention?! Cool huh?!

If you’re NOT familiar with the world’s most popular tool for helping businesses quickly and easily create high quality marketing material, let us introduce you.

Canva Instagram Stories Template Examples
ABOVE: A sample of the Instagram stories templates freely available on Canva

Canva offers a vast library of good-looking social media graphics, brochures, digital Zoom backgrounds, invoices, gift certificates, letterheads, calendars, web banners, newsletters, resumes, slide presentations etc. for you to easily adopt and adapt for your own marketing needs.

It’s a fremium model SAAS (Software As A Service) company: sign on up for access to over 8000 free templates, some 100+ available design categories (like those listed above), and a collection of free stock photos and graphics.

Canva Presentation Template Examples
ABOVE: A sample of the presentation templates freely available on Canva

Fall in love with Canva and you can sign up for the Pro subscription at $14p/m billed annually (or $18 per individual month) for added customisations, thousands more templates, and millions more stock images, videos and graphics at your plug-and-play fingertips/mouse clicks.

Would you Mind? 🙏🏼

If you’ve made it this far through the June resource round-up, would you mind taking a moment to leave a comment or suggestion below for the benefit of future ‘editions?’

We’d like to tailor future round-ups directly towards our community’s interests and needs so please help us help you!

What did you like? What was missing? Know of anything that’d be good to include? How could we improve?

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In the meantime, giddyup for July and we’ll see you at the next one!

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