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March Resource Round-Up

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By Katrina Ferguson

March 2020

A quick whip around of helpful articles, resources and tech we’ve found on the web and know you’ll find interesting too.

(Please note these aren’t sponsored links, we’re simply sharing the love!)

Looking for COVID-19-related resources or special deals and freebies that have come about as a result? Check out the specific COVID-19 Resource Library we’ve put together for you HERE.

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Learn it from Lynda

Lynda Logo
Online learning resource Lynda was bought out by LinkedIn but you can still access it – for free – with your local library card and PIN

Now is as good a time as any to get onto some personal and professional development…especially if you can access quality (and niche) online training without spending a cent.

While you’re no longer able to join as a new member (since it was bought out by and incorporated into LinkedIn Learning) you CAN still access it – for free – using your public library card number and PIN and the link they provide you.

(And if you don’t have a library card, get one! Truly, we’re so lucky in Australia to have libraries and their vast physical and online resources at our fingertips. Even if you live remotely, an abundance of free online resources are available to you once you sign up to your library. Find your local library HERE.)

Lynda Login
Lynda’s content will cost you $40 a month…or you can access it freely using your library card number and PIN

So what’s available on Lynda? More than two hundred specialist courses under the umbrellas of business, marketing, design, development, photography, videography, audio and more.

You’ll pay some $40 p/month to access this content via LinkedIn Learning. Get yourself a library card, get them to hook you up…and it’s all yours for nada!


We provide background sounds that help to mask annoying noises in order to keep you sane, improve your focus and boost your productivity.

– Noisli

Um, you had me at ‘mask annoying noises to keep you sane,’ Noisli.

With a bold promise like that when we’re ‘stuck’ at home and feeling varying and wavering degrees of stress and/or anxiety, it’s worth a (free) try.

Think ambient sounds of waves crashing against the shore, birds chirping, rain falling, or the indistinguishable murmurings of people in a cafe. Or, get your DJ on and mix custom tracks to suit your style (rain falling in a busy cafe anyone?!)

It can’t keep the kids out of your office or turn off your neighbour’s mower but it does promise to help drown them out and make you feel that little bit more zen amongst the chaos all the same.

Noisli description
Noisli plans and pricing

Business Made Simple…And Digestible

If you haven’t heard of Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand book, let us introduce (and highly recommend) it to you HERE (and as an audiobook HERE.)

Building a Story Brand Book

It’s a delightfully easy but powerful read that focuses on creating a clear message so your clients will listen.

It gives you step-by-step guides and instructions on how to generate and market said clear message for your brand and has a free online platform to help you generate what Miller dubs your Brand Script.

Miller is the CEO of Story Brand (the company) and offers free, digestible business and marketing tips in video form via the Business Made Simple University.

Sign up with your email address to receive regular, short (sub 5-minute), impactful video chunks of information to help form and propel your business.

Business Made Simple Daily Subscribe Info
Bite-sized videos of punchy, relevant information delivered to your inbox for free

If you want to get an idea of what you’re signing up fo or if you’d rather not sign up for another e-newsletter at all, you can see a bunch of the Business Made Simple videos on YouTube at your own convenience.

Business Made Simple on YouTube
Business Made Simple videos also available on YouTube

Go Live

Getting your nerve up to start going live on Instagram but feeling uneasy about the process?

Scheduling software company Later have a thorough why-do and how-to guide that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Later guide on Instagram Live
Later tips on Instagram Lives

Entire Web Page Screen Capture – Chrome

Ever stumbled across a beautiful or useful web page you desperately wanted to take a full-length capture of but been stuck with what’s-active-on-screen screen grabs only?

Now you can get everything you need (and way more than just the above-the-fold content) with the free Full Page Screen Capture extension for Google Chrome.

Install the extension and when perusing using Chrome as your browser, stop on the page you want to capture and hit the extension icon (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt/Option + Shift + P.)

Within seconds a full-page shot will be generated and you can view it online or download as a PDF or PNG.

You’re welcome 😉.

Full Page Screen Capture Extension Google Chrome Part 1
Full Page Screen Capture Extension Google Chrome Part 2

Read All About it – The Photo Essay

This one was suggested to us by Geoff Comfort APP.L G.M. Photog FAIPP. (Know what all those letters mean or not it’s very safe to say Geoff knows a thing or to about the photography industry!)

 I think the following article would be good for our members…A bit of history helps us know how we got here and this is still valid!

– Geoff Comfort

With that said, enjoy this synopsis of what a photo essay is and how to create one:

Would you Mind?

If you’ve made it this far through the March resource round-up, would you mind taking a moment to leave a comment or suggestion below for the benefit of future ‘editions?’

We’d like to tailor future round-ups directly towards our community’s interests and needs so please help us help you!

What did you like? What was missing? Know of anything that’d be good to include? How could we improve?

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In the meantime giddyup for April, stay safe and sane during this Coronavirus pandemic and we’ll see you at the next resource round-up!

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