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President’s Message April / May 2020

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Thursday 14 May

By Louise Bagger

Welcome to the AIPP President’s Message for April/May 2020.

You can view the fully transcribed video message and we’ve included a summary of content for you below as well.

It’s been a difficult few weeks for many of our members and more so with having to bid farewell to two highly regarded and respected photographers and members of the AIPP. 

Peter Hasson and Richard White have left priceless legacies in photography and friendships and both are very much part of the history of the AIPP. Our sincerest thoughts go to their families, friends and colleagues at this time.

ABOVE: Photo by Peter Hasson
Richard White Black & White photography
ABOVE: Photo by Richard White

Awards & Events

Silver Lining Awards: early bird pre-purchase is now open and image critique sessions kick off next week! Sign up HERE:

AIPP Silver Lining Awards Image Critiques

Online Q&As have been extremely successful. Huge thanks to those who have given time to share their experience and knowledge. Check out the AIPP events page to book in for your next session (and also for the image critiques.)


– Regional and Remote member fees are now in place. If you live further than 100km from your nearest capital city, email to check your eligibility (other criteria apply).

– The Friday night members social catch-up continues each week! The Awards Committee will be there this Friday night to answer any of your Silver Lining Awards questions.

– Amendment to the Council By-law extending Council term to two years.

Council Movements

– Retiring from QLD Council: Thank you to outgoing President Alison Hockings, and also to Council members Colleen Harris, Nicky Dowling.

– New QLD President: Tony Holden.

Retiring from NT Council: Thank you to Navin Chandra.

New NT Council member: Georgia Politis.

Retiring from TAS Council: Thank you to Matt Palmer.

– ACT – SA – NSW – WA – VIC all staying as is.

Massive thank you to all of our Council members for your ongoing commitment. It’s sincerely appreciated by all!

Get in touch with your local Council to find out how you can get involved.


Staying vigilant and adhering to Government updates as we step back into our communities with varying stages of relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Remember we’re continually updating the resources and information available for you in our dedicated COVID-19 Resource Library.

COVID-19, Coronavirus medical image
Click to see a federal and state-by-state list of links providing important information
COVID-19 health and safety

Remember you can also find the current and most important COVID-19-related information direct from the Federal Government HERE.

A National 3-step plan has been announced to relax COVID-19 restrictions (with states and territories to decide when each step will be implemented locally) and Safe Work Australia has released pertinent guidelines and information covering 23 industries, to help businesses return to work in a COVID safe environment. Take a moment to explore this information.

Exciting News

– Exciting news as we introduce three new trade partners to the AIPP and are encouraged by the ongoing support of long-term valued trade partners.

– Introduction of a new director to the AIPP National Board.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing commitment to the AIPP. Looking forward to brighter days ahead.

– Louise Bagger APP AAIPP

AIPP National President

AIPP Board 2020

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