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President’s Message February 2020

Featured Image: © Aya Kuma

By Louise Bagger

Award Season Upon Us

With the anticipation of state awards on our doorstep, we start to get into the part of the year that really reinforces what makes it both exciting and rewarding to be a member of the AIPP… not to mention having a whole lot of fun!

The awards are a valuable element of our education as photographers as we put our creative energies into images that will be critiqued by our peers. No matter how you perform, you’re guaranteed to learn things that’ll help promote your professional growth.

Get involved…it really is a worthwhile exercise and, importantly, helps prepare you for the ‘big gig:’ APPA, coming up in August in Melbourne.

© Louise Bagger

Board Meeting in Canberra

February was a very busy month for the AIPP National Board with the first face-to-face meeting conducted in Canberra over two days which included board training and an in-depth strategy session. The board is now finalising the strategy exercise and will present the results within the coming weeks.

While in Canberra, the board also took the opportunity to catch up with our ACT council members which is something we’d like to do with all the states when the opportunity arises, to help keep the lines of communication fully open.

New Name for New Member Category

We’ve received feedback from members regarding the name of the new membership category which was introduced 1 January this year. Currently known simply as ‘Member’, the suggestions subsequently put forward have been to rename it to either ‘Friend of the AIPP’ or ‘General Member’. With due consideration and discussion, the decision has been made to rename this category ‘General Member’ and for good reason.

The category not only opens membership up to a wider and broader base of people, it also replaces the current membership categories emerging, international, retired and enthusiast.

With this in mind, changing the name to ‘Friend of the AIPP’ was considered to be less inclusive when there are members in this category who are, in fact, practicing professional photographers; some working towards accreditation, some finding their way to see where they sit within our membership ranks and others being like-minded industry professionals.

Great Growth

The great news is that we are now averaging 60 new members per month across all the membership types which is almost a 100% increase compared to the same time last year.

Membership renewals overall have also been steady so it’s very pleasing to see existing members continuing to put their faith in the benefits of the AIPP and the new directives we are rolling out.

© Ricardo Da Cunha APP MPhotogI

Regional / Remote Fee Restructure

In other good news, the board have agreed to establish a specific fee structure to our regional and remote accredited members. The localities will be defined based on government guidelines for towns recognised as regional centres and remote localities. 

The fees will be set at $350 annually for regional and $250 annually for remote. This new structure will come into effect with the release of the new membership management IT system with further detail to be provided closer to the date.

WPC Postponed

As many of you may now be aware, sadly the presentation event for the World Photographic Cup – due to take place on 23 March in Rome – has been postponed until September due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy. Team Captain Sue Lewis provided an update to the AIPP Community Facebook group on 7 March:

“All winner announcements will be deferred to a date yet to be confirmed, but likely to be in September. The presentation will still proceed in Rome and is dependent on the same venue being available and the situation with COVID-19. The members of the team who were travelling have had a stressful couple of weeks watching and waiting to see whether it was safe to travel or not.”

– WPC Australian team captain, Sue Lewis

“I will let you all know when the official dates are set and when the announcements will be made, sorry to our finalists that you have to wait longer, but these cancellations are out of our control.”

Shireen Hammond’s stunning finalist-placed wedding photograph
© Shireen Hammond APPL MPhotog III

Both Sue and our Aussie representatives who were set and ready to travel to Rome for the WPC (Shireen Hammond, Mandarine Montgomery and Damien Bowerman), will be reimbursed from the WPC auction funds for any travel change fees incurred. We’re all behind you and so sorry this has happened!

New Chair for Education Committee

Paul Heck, photographer

The AIPP Education Committee has been appointed a new Chair with Paul Heck (SA) (pictured) taking over the important role from David Glazebrook (NSW). The board and committee wish to thank David for his work and ongoing commitment to the AIPP.

Likewise, we’re also grateful to Paul for taking the lead. Other committee members are David Warhurst (ACT), Emily Black (Vic), Marina Zivkovic (NSW), Pamela Mills (NT), Shaireen Van Tuil (WA), Vikki Siliato (QLD), Sheryn Ellis (QLD) and Malcolm Cheffirs (SA) with David Simmonds as Board Liaison. 

Education continues to be firmly established as one of the principal pillars that the AIPP will stand on, now and into the future. We’re keen for all members to share any ideas, contributions or concerns regarding education via your local council education liaison so that your input can be part of the committee and board’s overall thinking and strategy.   

In Other News

Our admin team have completed the introductory training for our new membership management IT system. The next step is the all-important User Acceptance Testing (UAT) followed by the final data transfer from our current system. Further updates will be provided as we get closer to a go-live date.

Other matters being addressed behind the scenes and to be presented soon include advocacy initiatives for understanding contractual language and a report on the collaboration with the PwC Education Skills forums.

We’re excited for everyone heading into their state awards over the next few months. These awards take an incredible amount of organising and co-ordinating by dedicated staff and volunteers to make them happen. The awards committee spends months preparing the written content and each state council commits untold hours in planning for the judging and presentation events.  

© David Simmonds APPL MPhotogII

Please show your support and really get behind your local council. The best way to do this is by entering! You’ll be amazed the long way this goes to show them their efforts don’t go unrecognised.

If you’re new to state awards, this year our long-time trade partner supporter, Kayell Australia, is providing a fantastic offer for your printing.  Check out the details on the Kayell website.

If you’re sitting on the fence about getting involved, why not get along to one of the image critique events in your state and have a chat to one of our seasoned awards veterans who’ll be ready and willing to help you?

Thank You

Thanks for reading through so far – a long one I know but it’s important that you’re kept abreast of what’s going on in the house. With that, you’ll all likely be aware of the effect COVID-19 is having on our lives and on a lot of events locally and internationally. 

The board is now engaged in conducting our own risk assessment on all AIPP activities. Be assured we’ll provide regular updates as information comes to hand.

For now, with camera in hand…it’s time for me to get my award images ready. 

Good luck to everyone!

Louise Bagger APP AAIPP
AIPP National President

AIPP Board Members 2020


  • March 12, 2020 - Reply

    Kim Storey

    It’s fantastic to see the continued support of regional and remote members, not just with the new fee structure but also the flexibility AIPP is providing for access to events and print critiques online. It is very much appreciated!

  • March 15, 2020 - Reply

    Navin Chandra

    Great to see the changes in membership fees and structure. The news about growth is really positive and much-needed. Huge thanks to all board and council members for their continued hard work.

  • April 1, 2020 - Reply

    Pamela Jennings

    As a member in a remote location, I’m really pleased that the board has recognised our struggle to get to events and made changes to the fee structure and availability to on-line events. Thanks.

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