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President’s Message July 2020

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Tuesday 28 July

By Louise Bagger

Welcome to the AIPP President’s Message for July 2020.

You can view the fully transcribed video message and we’ve also included a summary of content below for your convenience.

Silver Lining Awards

It’s been an exciting week for the AIPP, and indeed historical with the announcement of the semi-finalists, followed by the 10 category finalists, of the Silver Lining Awards, the AIPP’s first ever exclusively digital image competition. 

Congratulations to everyone who made the two short lists and in fact to everyone who put themselves out there to give it a go. 

I’ve received many messages from members who saw this as a great opportunity to get started in the AIPP awards and – some even saying “I don’t know why I waited this long!” These members are now looking forward to getting stuck in for our future awards. 

We’ve got some new talent coming out so I for one am very excited to see where you go from here.

Silver Lining Awards Presentation Night Graphic AIPP

Silver Lining presentation is being hosted as an online event on Thursday 30 July starting at 7pm Sydney/Melbourne time. 

Our extreme gratitude to the film and TV students, lecturers and support staff at the North Metropolitan TAFE in Perth. 

From what I’m told, the students are very excited about the opportunity to work on a live event to enhance their experience and we’re grateful for the opportunity to benefit from their world-class facility and equipment. 

Tony Hewitt has been working closely with the team to prepare the event so our thanks to instructors for guiding your students, and us, through the process. I can’t wait to see the results!

Thank You Trade Partners

Massive thank you to all who have donated to the immense prize pool. 

These come from a mixture of our valued trade partners, some from AIPP members and some from industry friends from outside the institute.

AIPP Silver Lining Awards Prizes Graphic
AIPP Silver Lining Sponsors

Reframe Awards

Ok, the Reframe Awards – entries are open for the AIPP’s first ever online video competition and this closes on 5 August. 

Five categories with two sub-categories in each. This competition is open to members and non-members with one free entry being offered for all AIPP members whether you shoot stills or video. 

Reframe Video Awards Categories
Reframe Video Awards Categories

So, if you’re a stills photographer who includes video as part of your repertoire, now’s your chance to put your work out there. 

If you’re a video producer who has never entered the AIPP Australian Video Producer Awards, now’s your chance to dip your toes in and get your feet wet. Production dates can go back to 5 August 2015. 

Prizes will be awarded for each category.  Huge thanks to Rochelle Morris and the AIPP video committee for their work to put this together to keep our members engaged. 

ReFrame Video Awards One Free Entry

The video committee are already seeing some great submissions coming from both aspiring and professional video producers, so keep the entries coming – we can’t wait to see what you can do!

Head to for more details and you’ll also find an article introducing the awards here on the AIPP blog.

Member Achievements

We love seeing what our members achieve and we want to share your successes. We’re wanting to champion what our members are achieving OUTSIDE the AIPP.

Has your work been published? Are you on the front cover of a book or magazine? Have you been successful in another photography competition? 

Maybe you’ve achieved great results with education – and all of this doesn’t have to be specifically photography related.

Currently on the AIPP blog, we’re highlighting two covers by Joshua Holko in Australian Geographic and Wildlife Photographic magazines – they’re stunning images. Congratulations to Josh for recognition in such highly regarded publications.

ABOVE: News of dual magazine covers for Joshua Holko as shared here on The Digest

On that, I might also add that Peter Eastway reached a milestone with the 100th edition of Better Photography Magazine and I’m very happy to have a copy to add to my ever-growing photography publication collection.

Congratulations Peter and to your team at Better Photography.

Better Photography Magazine 100th Issue
ABOVE: Congratulations to Peter Eastway and the Better Photography Magazine team on 100 issues! You can sample a digital copy and subscribe to Better Photography HERE

Got News?

If you have something you’d like to tell us about, we definitely want to know. 

As I said, this is for your achievements outside the AIPP and doesn’t have to be photography related. 

Please send an email to with the relevant information (and remember to include links and or images where relevant.)

Member Surveys

The Board is working on a couple of member surveys – we know there have been some questions raised in our Facebook group so, one of the surveys will be directed specifically to areas we’re keen to hear from you about and another which will be a more general oversight to gather up to date stats on industry and profession-related data from our members.

We know surveys can be laborious to complete so we’ll make them as brief as possible and we hope you’ll help us by completing the surveys as the information we gather goes to helping us, help you. 

Keep an eye out for those dropping into your inbox in the coming week or so. 

Victorian Friends

To our members in Victoria, I hope you’re all doing ok under the circumstances you’re being faced with. 

I enjoy seeing your posts in social media as it helps to follow your day-to-day life and it gives everyone a chance to interact. I hope in some way it helps you to be able to express your thoughts and feelings. 

Please keep them coming and here’s hoping for a positive road ahead.

Signing Off

That’s all from me for this month but rest assured we have plenty more news and updates for you simmering under the surface. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.  Good luck to the finalists for the highly anticipated Silver Lining Award winners announcement on Thursday evening. 

See you next time,

– Louise Bagger APP AAIPP

AIPP National President

AIPP Board 2020

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