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President’s Message March 2020

By Louise Bagger

Watch this video to hear from Louise or scroll down to read a summation.


I wanted to start by going over the message that went out to members last week regarding ongoing membership fees. 

What we’re doing for accredited members who are coming up for renewal (or due to renew now) is providing a 3-month grace period for you to actually effect your renewal. 

If opting to pay by instalment, there’ll be an adjustment made to the ongoing rate for the remaining nine months of your 12 month membership period.

For any of our accredited members still on the $550 annual rate, please get in touch with us and we can adjust you to the lower rate of $468 (as introduced at the start of the year.)

We understand some may need to withdraw their membership at this time. It’s sad this has to happen but please know you can restart your membership any time you’re ready to return and without penalty.

Your membership fees will resume from the date you rejoin and you’ll retain your current APPA honours status. 

There may be some effect on your APPA merit points but that’s completely dependent upon APPA, when we next have APPA, and also dependent upon when you physically rejoin.

For our regional and remote members, we’ll publish a table to help to show you how to identify if you qualify as either a regional or remote member.  We will get this published and out to you as soon as possible.

Drop us a Line

If you do have specific questions, I strongly urge you to please get in touch with our admin team. I understand councils are a first point of contact for many of our members. Councils are definitely there to listen and they are passing on messages and information to us. 

If you have anything specific to ask about membership however, please go straight to the admin team either via email to or phone: 1300 685 334.

It’s important to let you know you can always talk to us whether that’s a member of the board, your state council or the admin team. We want to hear what you have to say and for you to know you’re being heard. 

We may not always be able to accommodate exactly what you’re hoping for, but there may be a way we can negotiate a workaround.  

Join us Online

We’re busily building a solid line-up of online content and events for you. Hop onto the AIPP events page to see what’s on offer. 

The first two Q&A events were held this past weekend and generated great conversation. It was a relaxed and casual atmosphere and we’ve received fantastic feedback! Thank you to those who attended.

Our first free online Q&A events with Robert Coppa were a sell-out

State councils are staying engaged with their local members with state-specific online events: on the couch chats and coffee catch-ups. It’s important members within these communities are able to stay in touch with each other as much as possible!

If you’re a member and on Facebook, we have a national AIPP community group and most states have their own state specific groups as well. These are a place for members to share information, join in on conversation, and follow the threads to see what’s going on around the place.


To the Awards Committee – thank you Tony Hewitt for your recent fabulous message on behalf of the committee. The committee have been putting in the hard yards not only before this unforeseen change in our awards activity, but also now to build a new direction. I know further updates will be provided as soon as new information becomes available.

All of our committees are in fact still working away in the background to continue to bring information and content that’s relevant to your ongoing work as image creators.

It is of course a massive blow that we had to cancel the Epson State Professional Photography Awards.  We know how important these awards are to so many of you. 

We’re exploring different ways to keep you inspired with the printing process and looking to collaborate with Epson to bring you online workshops or tutorials on the printing processes and perhaps even a few tips from Epson ambassadors. 

For those who have a printer, this is a great time to be experimenting and making test prints. 

For inspiration, there’s a series of fantastic short videos produced by Epson – “Epson, Print Your Legacy”.  Follow the link here, they’re absolutely wonderful to watch.

APPA, as you know (and as we know it) is suspended for 2020 – it’s not fully cancelled and this is of course pending ongoing circumstances.  Nothing new on that at this point but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

We’re talking to our trade partners to find out how we can best work with you to keep your product and service messages active and front of mind with all our members. 

We all need each other right now, more than ever. We want to know how our trade partners can best be engaging with the AIPP community and how we can help.

Home Alone

As image creators, many are already conducting their business from home and now it’s being forced upon us and under more trying conditions. 

Working from home definitely has its challenges and I’m a firm believer that routine is the key (as much as possible with all things taken into consideration.) Not only routine, but also notably completing tasks throughout the day.

I’ve always had a home-based business and I have a couple of dead-set routines I stick to every day. 

One thing I do, and have done for many years (it’s the first thing I do every morning to tick off the first task of the day) is make my bed. It may sound trivial and yes, it has been ingrained in me from my navy days but it gets me on track and sets the tone for each day ahead.


We’re providing ongoing resource information that’s being published online, including Australian government updates. It’s all being collated on the AIPP blog in the COVID-19 Resource Library

It’s important to remember everyone’s situation will be different. Please make sure you research the most up-to-date information that’s relevant to you and your circumstances (see JobKeeper info HERE and JobSeeker info HERE.

There may well be new information that we perhaps haven’t yet come across or had a chance to publish. If you see something by all means comment on this blog post or contact the editorial team at 

Thank you also to our members who are contributing in the Facebook community group for fellow members looking for a little extra help in some areas.

To everyone: please remember to stay safe and stay at home unless you absolutely need to go out. 

We want everyone to get through this as safely as possible, hopefully without too much stress. I know there are going to be times when it’ll be difficult and that’s why we’re here to connect with you as a community. 

If you’re having trouble, if you’re not okay…it’s okay to say you’re not okay!  We’re here to listen. There’s no such thing as a silly question or comment. If you’re struggling, let us know. 

There are members I know of personally who I can put you in touch with if you need to talk about something in particular.

To finish off I want to say thank you to all of you! We have a great community and we’ve been through a lot. I can guarantee you this: the tank is not empty yet.

Louise Bagger APP AAIPP
AIPP National President

AIPP Board Members 2020

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