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President’s Message October – November 2020

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Friday 30th October

By Louise Bagger

Welcome to the AIPP President’s Message for October – November 2020.

You can view the fully transcribed video message and we’ve also included a summary of content below for your convenience.

To our friends in Victoria and greater Melbourne, welcome back! 

What I have seen in the last few days is nothing short of extraordinary with the enthusiasm, emotion and sheer determination to get back to life and indeed, back to work.  To quote Alan Moyle in a thread in Mark Rosetto’s Photography Business Coach FB group, which sought to gather updates on weekly achievements, Alan simply wrote “Kinda too busy to share the wins”. To Alan, and all of you in Victoria, I hope you all stay too busy.

Vale Chrissy Hadden

It is with much sadness that I convey the news of the passing of former AIPP Admin staff member, Chrissy Hadden. Chrissy joined our team in October 2018 and left after about 6 months to concentrate on her health and an ongoing fight.  Not only was Chrissy one of our admin team members, she was also an accomplished photographer in her own right and an accredited member of the AIPP.  Our sincerest thoughts at this time go to her family and friends.

Photo: Nicole Anderson APP AAIPP, Silver Lining Awards 2020

Thank you Emily Black & AIPP Victoria Council

With Victoria transitioning out of lockdown, I wanted to reiterate our gratitude to Emily Black (Victoria Council President) for your tireless work, with the support of your Council, in the campaign for the mask-wearing rule. There was an energy that was simply inspiring and what this did was give rise to what can be achieved at a local level to advocate for specific issues affecting not only members, but also the broader community of photographers and video producers. This shows how your state council can work for you and with you.  Thank you Emily, I can’t wait to see what you do next.

AIPP Councils Update

Our councils continue to meet with the board each month for open dialogue to communicate views and suggestions.  At our last meeting, we discussed a pathway to be developed to enable councils more autonomy to be able to engage with their local businesses and trade partners.  This will form part of the restructure as to how we collaborate and engage with our trade partners overall.  More to come on this as we work through the strategy plan.

Introducing Team Member Adam Daniel

I am very happy to welcome a new member to the admin team – Adam Daniel joins us as our copywriter and will be managing the blog content and e-news distribution. Adam has already worked to update the Covid Resource on the blog and this includes specific guidance for photographers and video producers in Victoria.  It’s important that I reiterate that this is not advice from the AIPP but information gathered from various government sites and collated for your convenience.  Any specific questions should always be referred to the relevant law enforcement or regulatory department. Welcome Adam, it’s great to have you on the team. 

AIPP Board Nominations and Announcements

Nominations to join the AIPP National Board have now closed and the board members elect will be announced to coincide with the announcement of the 2020 AIPP AGM.  I am very pleased to say that we will meet our required quorum for elected board members to continue the work in moving the AIPP forward.  The AGM this year will be conducted as an on-line meeting.  The official announcement and presentation of all related official documents will appear in your inbox very soon.

AIPP Survey

The recent AIPP Survey received the highest rate of engagement of any AIPP survey attracting just over 450 responses.  We will provide a full summary in a separate email to members to include the good, the bad and yes, some of the ugly.  I want to thank everyone who participated – members and, for the first time, the survey was open to non-members which was very deliberate.

As a member, this survey was your opportunity to provide invaluable feedback.  The response to the survey has confirmed for the board that there are changes needed within the institute and on how the AIPP sends the message of the relevance of who we are as an organisation and what we stand for.  The new board will meet straight after the AGM.  This current board will set a framework for the overall construct of what we look like and what our product is.  Based on the information you have provided, we will provide a cohesive and inclusive overview of our value proposition.  The board are working together as a unified team to work for the message we will express. What we don’t want you to worry about are those things you have come to know and love about the AIPP – that will still be there – but it will look different. 

Christmas Is Coming…

Christmas is creeping closer and our admin team are looking forward to some much needed down-time following an extremely busy year. We will post these dates both on the blog, website and social media sites – the proposed dates for the admin shutdown will be  Thursday 24th December through to Tuesday 5th January.

During this time the AIPP will not be available via the main phone line, however, people can still email the help team and will receive a response on a less stringent timeframe than normal.

Congratulations On Your Successes!

Congratulations to all our members who achieved fantastic results in the Rise Awards, IPA, and more recently, the Epson International Pano Awards. I know there are more awards successes out there I love celebrating your achievements. My social media feeds have been flooded with so much incredible work.  

Awards 2021 have been a high priority discussion with the awards committee and they’re currently working on finalising some important dates for next year. This will be announced by the awards committee in the coming weeks.

Photo: Steve Scalone APP MPhotogI, placed second in the Epson Pano Awards Built Environment Category and was a highlight at Silver Lining Awards earlier this year.

The Future is Bright

A couple of things before I finish.  I wanted to make mention of a post I saw the other day which was shared in the AIPP Instagram story – it was a post by  Clinton Bradbury about how excited he is to have achieved his accreditation. Clinton, congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your news.  It’s these moments that truly do resonate with our why.  It’s wonderful to see the names of our newer members and how proud you are to be part of this community. You are the future of the AIPP.

A Very Special Mention

Now, a special call-out to a not so new member, the amazing and beautiful person that is Steve Scalone – I know I speak for many when I say you’re in our thoughts and in our hearts. Stay strong and please let us know how you’re going.

To everyone out there, stay safe and my very best to everyone. We can’t be who we are, without you.   

– Louise Bagger APP AAIPP
AIPP National President

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