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President’s Message August-September 2020

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Thursday 10 September

By Louise Bagger

Welcome to the AIPP President’s Message for August-September 2020.

You can view the fully transcribed video message and we’ve also included a summary of content below for your convenience.

My sincere apology to Rochelle Morris. I have incorrectly stated Ben Amos in this video as the Chair of the Video Committee which is incorrect.
Thank you Rochelle and your team on the Video Committee for bringing us the Re-Frame Awards. You are all extremely appreciated.


RUOK?  This is a phrase I truly believe shouldn’t be exclusive to one particular day but today is listed as RUOK day and as such, I will put strong emphasis on this.

To everyone, ask the question of the person standing next to you. Ask the question of anyone to speak to on the phone or send a text to. If you’re on line for a conference call, make it your first question before you start your meeting.

Above all else, allow the person you are asking to respond. Let them know you want to know and give them time and space to express from within.
To our friends in Victoria… RUOK?
To our friends experiencing loss of grief… RUOK?
To our friends who may choose to hold thoughts and feelings inside… RUOK?
Please take care of yourselves and each other. Everyone matters.

Silver Lining Awards Media Promotion

We’ve seen fantastic uptake on media articles following the Silver Living Awards presentation.  Our thanks go to SA member David Evans for offering the benefit of his expertise in the dissemination of our media release to the many contacts he has through his promotional business PhotoPublicity.com.  To mention just a few, there have been feature articles with Inside Imaging, Petapixel, Capture Magazine, as well as an article in The Australian and one of the biggest hits being National Geographic Espana.  We’ll compile a list of all the links and post these to the blog so everyone can check those out.  Thanks again David, that was a very kind offer on your part to do this for us.

Reframe Awards Shortlist

The shortlist for the Re-Frame Awards has been announced and huge congratulations to everyone who is featured.  The quality of work is incredible – I can’t imagine how the judges had to deliberate. On that, thank you to all the judges for giving your time. If you haven’t seen the clips yet, I highly encourage you to head to aippawards.com.au.  Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy and good luck to all the finalists for the big announcement on Wednesday the 16th of September. 

Online Content Committee

Our new Online Content Committee has been working very hard behind the scenes. The initial sessions have been announced. This is a brand new interactive online learning content now available for registration to both members and non-members. The first event is a two-part content held over two separate sessions will include live Q & A with participants which makes this not only educational and informative, but also highly interactive.  

Keren Dobia and Karen Alsop join forces with Nikon and the AIPP to put on an amazing event. Registrations are now open!

Bright Festival of Photography

The AIPP is very excited to be partnered with the Bright Festival of Photography as a sponsor of the event which this year will be exclusively presented on-line. All members are offered 10% discount off a Golden Ticket and with what I’ve seen on the program, there is definitely going to be something there for everyone. You’ll be treated to a host of fantastic presenters, including some of our very own AIPP members. Fellow Board member Felisha and myself will be joining the BFOP team on a couple of discussion sessions which we’re very much looking forward to. If you’d like to know how you can get your discount voucher, please get in touch with our admin team for further details. Check out the program at bfopaustralia.com.

Awards Committee Update

Following the recent announcement by Tony Hewitt stepping down as the Awards Committee Chair the Board would like to introduce Gary Cranitch as the new Chair and also thank Gary for stepping into this role.

To Tony, these few words simply don’t do justice to the appreciation and gratitude to you for the work you have put into the Awards Committee and into the many awards events, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this. We have definitely missed APPA this year and we look forward to your continued involvement with the institute in other areas.

Gary has already led his first committee meeting as the new Chair and the team have started working on their strategies and plans for the next step of the AIPP awards.

AIPP Board Nominations

You will soon receive details about this years board Nominations – if you’ve been thinking about contributing as a director, perhaps you have some skill sets relevant to the structure of the board or can make a vital contribution.

Further information will be sent out to members within the coming week.
In addition, you’ll also be receiving initial details about the AIPP AGM later this year.

The current AIPP Board

Service Merit Points

Yes, these can still be claimed. For the benefit of those who may not know what  Service Merit Points are;

If you have been involved in the capacity as a volunteer with the AIPP, we have an avenue to recognise your contribution with the accumulation of Service Merit Points and awarding Service Merit Bars which are worn on your AIPP honours designation ribbon.

All information relating to merit points and a breakdown of what can be claimed and how to claim, is available via the Member Dashboard – search for Merit or Merit Points, or click the link above when you are logged in.

Through Covid, anyone who hosted a Q&A, you can submit a claim as Speaker Interstate Seminar which is 4 points. Anyone who assisted in the image feedback sessions pre Silver Linings can claim as Speaker Minor Event – 1 point per session presented (must show dates). Anyone who judged SLA, can claim as APPA Judge which is 3 points (one claim per person).

We have also had the post Silver Lining events – where you can also claim for Speaker Minor Event. One claim for each image feedback session and also if you have presented for any of the Behind SLA sessions.

For those who have never claimed, Service Merit Points include volunteering for State Councils, committees and a host of other volunteer-based activities. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our admin team for more help – and yes, they can be backdated to a certain extent.

Member Surveys

The AIPP Survey for 2020 is online and will close late next week. Have your say by filling out the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H5LZ6D7

Your feedback will be invaluable for planning future initiatives and identifying priorities for the AIPP.

Got News?

If you have something you’d like to tell us about, we’d love to hear about it!

We want to hear about your achievements in and outside the AIPP and they don’t have to be photography related. 

Please send an email to blog@aipp.com.au with the relevant information (and remember to include links and or images where relevant.)

Signing Off

Thanks for joining me again this month. Best of luck to all of the shortlisted video producers, and we are all eagerly awaiting the winners announcements on Wednesday the 16th of September.

If you’ve taken advantage of the 10% off Golden Tickets at BFOP I may see you over the next few days representing the AIPP as part of the exciting BFOP programme!

See you next time,

– Louise Bagger APP AAIPP
AIPP National President

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