Perth AIPP online catch up March 2020

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WA Online Catch Up – April 2020

By Rachael Weir.

On Thursday 2nd April we had our inaugural online catch up with council, members and sponsors.

It was great to see some fresh faces…even if it was through the screen!

The informal Zoom catch-up was a wonderful opportunity to touch base with others and hear the highs and lows, both on a professional and personal level.

Members shared how the other industries they are involved in are dealing with this uncertain time.

Susan Moss shared a good news story: her video of retirees, each sitting in their own driveway, enjoy an old-style record player had gone viral and been picked up by two major news stations.

Susan Moss retirees video
One of the major news outlets who picked up Perth AIPP member, Susan Moss’, video

During our meet up, we were encouraged to use this time to reflect on our business and do those things that we’ve never had time to do or we’ve been putting off. 

Continue to engage with your client base, it was agreed, and come out of this Coronavirus thing kicking strong business goals.  

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