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Well Hello There, APVP!

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Introducing the Committee

Did you know the Accredited Professional Video Producers (APVP) is a division of the AIPP and has officially been so since mid-July 2017?

Well, we wanted to take some time to introduce you to the current APVP committee and let you know what they’re all about.

Headed up by APVP Chair, Rochelle Morris (of Preface Films) the video committee comprises of seven fellow members including:

The APVP Committee. TOP (L-R): Rochelle Morris, Felisha Mendoza Mina, Ben Amos, and Jeffrey Xiong. BOTTOM (L-R): Lee Herbert, Jared Kettle, Craig Daalmeijer-Power, and Jacob Williams

What’s it all for?

Together, the APVP committee aim to:

  • encourage and promote excellence in all areas of video production
  • guide the development and implementation of quality standards, guidelines and codes of conduct throughout the video production industry
  • provide our members with valuable information, resources and industry networking opportunities
  • act as an advocate for our members to ensure fair and equitable treatment by government and the private sector; and
  • provide a national forum that allows members to share knowledge and expertise.

I’ve learnt so much and made so many long-lasting friendships within the association. It has and continues to be something I value as a member.

Rochelle Morris, APVP Chair
APVP crew enjoying the media wall at the 2018 AIPP APPA Gala Dinner, Melbourne. PHOTO BY: Naomi Pommerel

“I first joined the AIPP because of the community feel I experienced & saw. I wanted this,” said APVP Chair, Rochelle, who hails from an education background.

“The people I’ve worked with in growing our video community all share similar beliefs and are inspired to build a place and experience for each other,” Rochelle said.

AIPP Life Member and Director of the Australian Copyright Council, Chris Shain, believes all AIPP members and stills shooters could benefit from taking a closer look into what the video community is producing.

The crossover line between motion and stills is getting much less defined. The thinkers know that motion content gets a LOT of traction.

– Chris Shain, AIPP Life Member and Director of the Australian Copyright Council

If you’d like to get a feel for some of what the community is up to, you can head to the APVP Facebook page, like and follow along HERE.

Accredited Video Producers of Australia (AVPA) Facebook Page
Accredited Video Producers of Australia (AVPA) Facebook Page

Who Should Become an APVP?

Current APVP members in the community include corporate and documentary video producers, film and television industry personnel, and weddings and special event video producers.

To become a recognised member, applicants need to complete the accreditation process designed to give consumers (and colleagues) confidence in a proven, experienced, technically capable, and professional practitioner who:

  • complies with all legal business requirements
  • has appropriate insurance
  • is willing to agree to the mandatory Code of Professional Practice; and
  • continually improve their video production skills by committing to their ongoing professional development

“As we moved on to become accredited,” said Rochelle, “I valued the recognition of my profession. Working alongside the team who developed the accreditation system & process, it was something each member took seriously.”

“Whilst for some it may not be important, I look forward to the day that we complete a census and have our profession listed…and being able to tick this!” Rochelle said.

For me, it’s a recognition of who we are as professionals, and that’s something to be proud of.

Rochelle Morris, APVP Chair

APVP Membership and Accreditation committee member, Lee Herbert says, “I stay a member because of the camaraderie. It’s nice being able to talk to colleagues in the same field and share tips as well as horror stories.”

Find out more about becoming an APVP member HERE.

All Aboard the Awards

Many of our general AIPP members will be familiar with the annual Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) and since 2016 AVPA members have held their ‘sister’ video awards in conjunction with APPA.

You can find out more about the upcoming 2020 Australian Video Producer Awards and see past category and award winning videos HERE.

Save the date of August 16th while you’re at it for this year’s awards, which will again be held in conjunction with APPA AND the Aperture Australia Photography Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC.)

Save the date!

You can find out more about the largest photography conference in the southern hemisphere and purchase Aperture tickets HERE if you’re interested (keeping in mind AVPAs and APPA will be on-site and free for Aperture ticket holders and the general public to attend.)

To get a little taste of what it’s all about, watch the 2019 Aperture conference highlights video below:

If you’re an exisiting AIPP member dabbling (or knee-deep) in video, have you considered adding an APVP membership to your professional swag?

Or if you’re an existing video producer or industry professional, do come check us out! We’d love to have you join our growing and enthusiastic community.


It's awards time and whilst all of the entries are in, don't miss out on joining us on judging day.Awards are more than just winning – it's about pushing the envelope of creativity, growing and benchmarking ourselves against our peers.Be part of the atmosphere! Join us on the 26th August at Olympic Park from 9am when the spirit of awards and the community will be running high.http://videoawards.aipp.com.au/

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a friendly member of the AIPP admin team at admin@aipp.com.au or call 1300 685 334.


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