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AIPP Announce New Board Structure

AIPP is excited to announce a new Board structure that has emerged from our recent innovations and the introduction of the chapter system. Each of the board members will focus on specific areas of expertise, while the incoming Chair, to be announced shortly, will concentrate on connecting the AIPP with the wider arts community. This new structure will assist AIPP in building stronger connections with arts organisations and funding bodies around the country.

This is an exciting new phase for AIPP, leveraging the expertise of the members of the board and their passion for the photography and video community into meaningful and tangible benefits for the organization and its member base. In making this change, we seek to further expand the opportunities for photography and video creators across Australia to access resources that can aid in developing their skills and building valuable networks.

Below you can view an announcement and summary from Louise Bagger, AIPP Board.

The restructured AIPP Board will see each Board Member specialise in particular areas;

Chair– TBC
Deputy Chair (Marketing, Communications, Video) – Felisha Mina
Convener (Legal & Operations) – Geoff Comfort APPLM FAIPP GMPhotog
Treasurer (Chair of Finance, Audit & Risk Management (FARM)) – Ben Kopilow APP MPhotogI
Accredited Divison Head (Honours) – Louise Bagger APP AAIPP
Accredited Division Assistant – David Simmonds APPL MPhotogII
Board Member (FARM & Online Content) – Joshua Holko APP MPhotogII
Board Member (FARM, Nominations, Awards, Trade Partners) – Les Morrison APP

While Louise’s video above has closed captioning, you may also read the transcript below;

Hi everyone, Louise Bagger from AIPP National Board with a very important message for you.

Over the past couple of weeks, the board and admin operations team have been working very closely with our state council volunteers to transition to the new model of chapters.

As most of you know, our council volunteers are the feet on the ground for our members across the country to connect members to the community activities and communication that is AIPP. It has been imperative that we show our support to them through this change.  

We have provided open communication and we’re guiding them through every step. We’re still working through and ironing out some of the details and will continue to do so. This is just as new for us as it is for them and we understand it will look different for you as well.

What I can tell you is the momentum has taken hold and each council is taking this on with enthusiasm. I am personally grateful to each and every one of our council members. Many have already made the change to become a chapter and others are working through.

Change doesn’t always come easily. It can present challenges but it can also present new hope. It’s not always without question and from our perspective, it takes a massive effort and a lot of hard work that, for the most part, is unseen.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been through a lot of changes with an organisation that I am extremely fond of and with its community of members, many of whom are now some of my closest friends and colleagues.

We’ve reached a junction with AIPP where you will now be introduced to a change at our highest governance structure. For many of you, this will be insignificant and AIPP will not look any different. To a select number of you, this will be a shift in what has formed AIPP culture and tradition for over 50 years.  

What is doesn’t mean, is that our loyalty and dedication will waiver in any way what so ever. In fact, we are doing this to ensure and protect the ongoing and long term viability and security of our institute.

It’s no secret that life has changed dramatically over the last 12 months. Business is conducted differently and we’ve become attuned to shifting the goalposts at very short notice … it’s likely that this will be the case for some time to come .. no one really knows.

With this, the board has come to realise that the overarching structure of AIPP needs to shift as well …to remain current, to remain relevant and to remain vigilant.

There are administrative and official implications we are required to adhere to. Please be rest assured that the board has sought advice and confirmed direction from our legal representatives to ensure we are being compliant and correct with our actions. This goes without saying.

As of now, AIPP will no longer hold an office position with a National President. We are, and have already made moves to transition to a board executive led by a Chair and Vice Chair – both with very specific roles and responsibilities and appointed under very specific pre-requisites.  

The position of AIPP Chair is yet to be confirmed and you may have already noticed in recent messaging that Felisha Mina will be the initial incumbent of AIPP Vice Chair. Stand by for further announcements on this front.

As I speak these words, my mind’s eye is looking to some of our dearest and most senior members …our former National Presidents whom I and so many hold in the highest regard … Peter Foeden, Dave McCarthy, Richard Bennett, Jacqui Dean, Kylie Lyons and many, many more… all of you hold a very special place in the history of AIPP, and you always will.  

More specifically, many of our former Presidents are still actively involved as volunteers in varying degrees through our committees or awards programmes. This in itself shows the dedication you each hold for AIPP and this is where I now ask you to hold on to that.

I, we, need your support now more than ever.

Without your voice, without your experience and without you, AIPP wouldn’t be what it is today and together we can be even better.

We’ve got a new breed of members coming through our volunteer ranks, supported BY long-standing members. They are ALL determined as ever to see AIPP thrive for another 50 years and beyond.

We have new committees being formed to encourage ongoing engagement with exciting new content and advocacy work … fresh, modern, enticing and relevant to the photography and video businesses of today and tomorrow.

Our Awards Committee has pulled out all the stops, indeed since March last year, to ensure our awards culture is held secure.

As previously mentioned, our councils are now transitioning to form the very first AIPP Chapters.

All of these people, these committees, these volunteers, they all need your support to show that their work is not in vain and to ensure they will keep on working with you and for you to ensure the ongoing viability of AIPP.

To all of you, thank you for being who you are …for taking on the challenge, for entering that print, for asking that question when you weren’t quite sure and for giving your time for others to reach out to help a fellow member.  

I am beyond honoured to now join the ranks as a former AIPP National President. I said before that change doesn’t always come easy, but every now and then, it is necessary for the greater good of something we care deeply about. There’s more work to do and I’m not going anywhere just yet.

Thank you for tuning in and we’ll Be in touch soon with further updates.


  • February 19, 2021 - Reply

    Vanessa Eastaugh

    Hi Louise,
    You all do an amazing job on behalf of us all.
    I look forward to hearing from and supporting the Vic Council.

  • February 19, 2021 - Reply

    Simon Whittaker

    Great to hear such positivity, looking forward to the future!

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