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Announcing a New Chapter for AIPP

You can view this content as a message from AIPP Board Deputy Chair Felisha Mina above.

Greetings to our AIPP members and the broader community,
We hope your 2021 has bounced back with flying colours!
In the spirit of progress, we’ve revisited the drawing board and have taken some time to consider how we can become more appealing and engaging to our wider communities. Each and every one of us are looking for ways to improve and adapt to the ever-changing world of photography and video.
We asked ourselves…how can we better serve our members? And how can we make membership of AIPP something that is seriously exciting?
As an effort to extend your network and build up the value of your membership (not just in photography, but across the arts and business space as well), an exciting change will be rolled out that affects how the states are structured.

An introduction to Chapters:

Chapters will replace our traditional State Council system with more localised or genre specific groups for members to engage with. These Chapters will have their own bank accounts and can apply for additional support and funding through AIPP. They will put on events and communicate with Chapter members about the local area or relevant interests.

A Chapter consists of five or more AIPP members, and may contain non-members who are part of a broader community (although non-members will not receive member benefits).

Examples of Chapters could be;
Location-based: Mackay Chapter, Blue Mountains Chapter, South Melbourne Chapter.

Genre-specific:Medical Imaging Chapter, Bird Photography Chapter, WA Wedding Photographers Chapter.

(These are examples only).

AIPP Members can join multiple chapters that interest them. For example, they may be a member of chapters that are geographically located near them, as well as a member of chapters with a genre-specific focus.

Remote and Regional Chapters will be assisted by AIPP in making the most of modern technology such as online conferencing to bring members together over larger areas.

A volunteer State Coordinator role and two assistant roles will be available to support these chapters, as well as the Operations teams. Larger events of State or National significance will still take place with Committee or Operations support, and chapters can collaborate on bigger events if they wish.

What this means for members:

Access to more local and online events, including in regional areas.

Opportunity to network with niche groups of like-minded photographers.

Greater Member benefits: We are engaging with photographic and video companies as well as broader lifestyle companies to bring tangible benefits to your AIPP membership.

Our current events will continue as usual. Your present State Council will be an important part of transitioning to this new way of engaging members and community throughout Australia, as they have been given the opportunity to establish the first Chapter/s in each state.

What you need to do:

Sit back and relax, and keep an eye on your inbox! We’ll keep you updated on new Chapters, introduce you to State Coordinators and provide opportunities to nominate for these roles.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to We can’t wait to evolve and take AIPP to a whole new level with you in 2021.

Thank you for your support,
The AIPP Board


  • February 4, 2021 - Reply

    Paul Atkins

    How exciting, this is a great idea that fits with the times we live in. I’m sure it will have it’s barbs, as all of life does, but this makes sense. Well done board, keep on moving!

  • February 5, 2021 - Reply

    Peter Kinchington

    The chapter approach is a more targeted way of doing things. It is more relevant to nature/scientific photographers such as myself. I like that Felisha mentioned macro photography as a potential chapter.

  • February 17, 2021 - Reply

    Brian Johnston

    Sounds great! Looking forward to the restructure with chapter/s for videography. 🙂

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